The Coconut Dope // Vol 1

Trolling the internet and seeking inspiration is really one of our favorite things to do, but there is so much noise out there it really isn't quite as fun as it used to be... does anyone else feel us on this?

In the spirit of curating our own ideas in one spot, and creating a solid 'list' that goes beyond our daily to-do's. We thought we'd share what's keeping us inspired on the weekly.

(And indeed, thanks to our friends Cap Beauty and Free + Native for reminding us that a good roll of inspo is really where it's at... ) 

So in celebration of this first week of spring, we're getting in the flow! 


1) Horst, one of the 20th centuries greatest fashion photographers, made some pretty epic Pattern's from Nature

2) Aqua Nicaragua. A lovely and, (pause) affordable boutique luxury resort on the Emerald coast of Nicaragua. Because now we're in the business of planning family vacations. 

3) Hands down the best bread in LA - Lodge Bread- has expanded their space to offer insanely delicious pizza with market driven toppings. If you're gonna go for it, go here. 

4) Venice Mom Gear. Can someone please help me find these in black

5) After becoming fully addicted to our morning cold shower, we've starting studying up on the benefits of cold therapy. Currently obsessing over all things Wim Hof. 

6) Can you say biodynamic estate grown pinot noir method ancestral rosé 10 times fast? We'll be drinking this all summer long. Find it locally in LA at our favorite wine shop - Bar + Garden. 

7) Dirty lyrics problem solved. Thanks to Rockabye Baby! We now have lullaby renditions of basically everything, including L's personal favorite - Sublime.