It was our birthday over here at Nuci and we had a lovely weekend getaway to one of our favorite spots outside of Los Angeles, Los Alamos. This seemingly super quaint town has it way dialed in with great wine, delicious eats, and good vibes all around. 

We love it there so much we did a full length feature in Nourished Journal Edition 4. If you haven't picked up a copy please do, or buy it online here.  

There is something to be said for a slower pace, and we're feeling really inspired by that. Maybe it's the earthiness of Taurus or the amazing spring weather that has us leaning into our grounded side a bit more. 

Happy to have had a moment to step back and appreciate the fact that California is a really special place. 




On our way up the cost we stopped for dinner at this magical spot in Ventura. The food here is seriously so fresh and abundant, we can't think of anywhere like it. 

Inspired by San Francisco's Tartine, this bakery is the real deal. Most delicious croissant we've had... maybe ever. 

It doesn't get more charming and hospitable than here. The thought of lunch makes us squeal with delight. 

It wouldn't be a food and wine adventure without the wine. You must check out here and here

If your still hungry or even if you aren't hungry at all - you can't miss the wood fired eats here. 

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