POLISHED // Pearl Powder Power

Multi-use products is the name of our game, and it is certainly our MO when seeking out other brands to support. 

One of our all time favorite holistic skincare companies is Living Libations. Founder Nadine Artemis is basically our botanical alchemist muse, and her intoxicating creations have inspired us for years. 

With summer around the corner, we are of course putting extra time and thought into making sure we look extra glowy, and the Living Libations Perfect Pearl Powder is the perfect place to start. Created using nourishing pearl nacre sourced from deep in the South Seas and combined with the prebiotic power of chicory root, and the awesome gentle exfoliation of sodium bicarbonate, this lovely little can of goodness delicately exfoliates, helps soothe, tone, and even lightens the skin.

Pearl powder is an ancient Eastern beauty remedy that has been celebrated for its ability to fight aging - and works wonders used both externally and internally. It contains more than a dozen different amino acids as well as calcium and bio-available lipids that help boost collagen and tighten skin. While we don't recommend using it all the time, it is a wonderful ingredient to add to the regime for a beauty boost. 

And we're of course, obsessed with using it in combo with The Balm. 

How to use? 

Face Mask + Exfoliator - combine a few dashes of pearl powder with a fingertip full of The Balm and gently rub on skin to exfoliate. Leave it on for up to fifteen minutes for extra skin brightening results.* 

Tooth Polish - Add a few pinches of pearl powder to tooth brush along with fluoride free toothpaste or coconut oil. Brush and swish for as long as you'd like. We recommend at least 3 minutes.

*Don't exfoliate before long term sun exposure. We recommend doing this treatment at night.