What’s special about Nucifera?

We think beauty has become too complicated. Your average beauty routine requires too many products, takes too much time, creates too much waste and costs too much money. At Nucifera, all of our products are created with the idea of simplicity. That’s why every one of our products is vegan, multi-purpose and unisex. Simple offerings made with simple ingredients made for a simple life.

What inspired you to make skincare products?

Despite leading a healthy lifestyle, I started experiencing dry skin conditions in my mid 20s. I tried everything to fix it - including spending a small fortune only to be diagnosed with psoriasis and handed a bunch of prescriptions to treat it. Intuitively, I knew this wasn’t right for me. I also knew all of my chef experience and knowledge about plants and diet must come in somewhere. That’s when I began experimenting with plant-based skin ‘recipes’ and found so much magic in their powers!

Why are your products vegan?

We’ve always believed that mother nature provides us all that we need, and that plant-based ingredients make the most sense when it comes to the health of people, animals and the planet. Animal derived ingredients are currently on an unsustainable path. They are profoundly more damaging to the environment and are often accompanied by questionable practices. At Nucifera, we uphold the highest standards when it comes to the ethical treatment of animals and the planet. We are proud to be a Leaping Bunny certified brand.

Why are your products multi-purpose?

When we set out to create Nucifera, one of our initial discoveries (via coconut oil) was the versatility and adaptability of plant based ingredients. This was a magical moment for us. The skincare industry is overpopulated with single-use products that can be costly and wasteful. We loved the idea that one product could accomplish the same as a beauty cabinet full of them.

Why are your products unisex?

We think there’s a huge vacancy of skincare products that can be enjoyed by the whole family. With that in mind, we’ve included the idea of ‘multi-sex’ within the context of ‘multi-purpose’. All of our skincare products are lightly scented with essential oils and can be enjoyed by anyone of any sex, any age, any color, and so on!

Why are your products gluten free?

Not everybody is gluten sensitive but reducing (or eliminating) gluten has become more and more a priority for health conscious individuals. Your skin will absorb whatever you put on it into your body and our goal is to make clean products that everyone can enjoy - so we’ve chosen to make sure all of our products are gluten free.

Are your products pregnancy safe?

Essential oils (if not diluted properly) can be irritating and there’s a ton of conflicting info about whether or not one should use them during pregnancy. That said, I created Nucifera while pregnant, so our essential oil blend is very mild. (I used The Balm as my belly butter the entire time)! We always prefer products that are mild, clean and safe for sensitive skin - whether you’re pregnant or not. We also recommend consulting your physician about the products you’re using for more advice. *

Am I allergic to your products?

We always recommend that you read your labels! And while our products are dermatologist tested, safe for all skin types, and contain the cleanest ingredients possible, there is no telling how one’s skin may respond. All that said, we always suggest to patch test on a small area of skin first. If any irritation or redness occurs than discontinue use. If irritation persists, please consult your physician. *

What should I do if The Balm melts?

The Balm is a blend of kokum butter, mango butter, coconut oil, and the liquid oils of avocado, borage and moringa. This ‘recipe’ makes for our special texture and nourishing benefits. It also has a melting point of approximately 110 degrees (so it melts appropriately to the touch). Unfortunately sitting on your doorstep in the hot sun can get much hotter than and so... we might melt! The solution is very simple. Refrigerate and it will set right back up. You can then store again at room temp. Short lengths of heat like this won't do any harm. Just don't leave an open jar boiling in the hot sun all day!

What is the shelf life of your products?

All of our products will last 12 months if unopened and stored in a cool dry place. Exposure to sunlight, heat, humidity and other temperature variants can affect condition. Once opened, our products will last 6 months provided there is no other introduced ingredients such as water, dirt or other contaminates.


Do you have any skincare tips?

We believe great skin comes from within and nothing will affect your appearance more than your diet. Eating nutrient dense foods, staying hydrated and using mild and clean skincare products can help to make a big difference. *

Do you have a recommended skincare routine?

I switch up my skin care routine depending on my mood, but moisturizing is always number one! I also dry brush before any bath or shower. In the mornings, I splash my face with cold water, apply a small amount of The Balm and a spritz of The Mist and I am good to go!

In the evenings, I take a bath with essential oils. While bathing I’ll do a face mask and shave with The Balm. Afterwards, I massage it all over my damp skin (which maximizes the moisture retention) and leaves me feeling super hydrated! *


What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to hygiene reasons. Our products contain the highest quality ingredients and are made in a sterile environment in small batches to ensure quality control. Once they leave our hands, we have no way of knowing how they may have been compromised.

If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us at support@nuciferabody.com within 10 days of receiving it. We're a small business, we believe in our products and we appreciate the opportunity to resolve any concerns.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not happy with your product, we typically will offer a full refund. Please reach out within 10 days of receiving for this to apply. We're a small business, we believe in our products and we appreciate the opportunity to resolve any concerns.


What is your shipping method?

We ship with USPS, UPS and DHL. We do currently offer shipping outside of North America, but please be patient as many times there are delays depending on country and customs.

When do you ship my order?

Orders ship within 2-3 business days (not including postal transit time). Typically, an order will take 5-7 business days to arrive. We will always try our best to meet these timelines, but we’re a small business and can’t guarantee this will always be the case.

How do I check the status of my order?

Once the order is fulfilled, tracking will be sent to the email associated with your account. If something goes wrong, please reach out to us at support@nuciferabody.com and we’ll help you resolve it.

Where is my package?

Once the status of a package has been marked ‘delivered’ by the carrier, we are no longer responsible. For lost packages, our advice is to ask your neighbors or inquire within your local post office. You can also file a claim and start an investigation on the USPS website.


What kind of packaging materials do you use?

We strive to use as little plastic as possible. Our boxes are made from 100% paper and are printed with plant-based inks. Most all of our products come in glass jars and bottles with metal closures. We do have two products that come with fine mist sprayers and pumps made from polypropylene (PP). Although PP is becoming more and more accepted by recycling centers, this is on the top of our list to address and we are constantly searching for better solutions for these.

What kind of shipping materials do you use?

We use unprinted cardboard boxes, kraft paper packing and paper tape. We also reuse shipping boxes and other materials whenever possible. In other words, no plastic.

How should I recycle your packaging?

Here is a breakdown for each of our products. You can also find this information on their individual product pages.

The Balm end of life:
Please separate and clean all pieces.
The Balm is 100% natural and backyard compostable.
The glass jars are 100% curbside recyclable.
The metal lids are 100% curbside recyclable.
The PLA labels are biodegradable and can go in curbside bins.

The Mist end of life:
Please separate and clean all pieces.
The Mist is 100% natural and backyard compostable.
The glass bottles are 100% curbside recyclable.
The PLA labels are biodegradable and can go in curbside bins.
The PP fine mist sprayers are curbside recyclable in most bins. If not, please find an alternative resource or reuse.

The Stick end of life:
Please separate and clean all pieces.
The Stick is 100% natural and backyard compostable.
The paper tubes are compostable or 100% curbside recyclable.
The paper labels are biodegradable and can go in curbside bins.


How do I become a wholesale partner?

Please contact us at wholesale@nuciferabody.com for more information. We’d love to learn more about your business.


Can I contact you?

Yes, please do! We love our community and are here to answer any questions, concerns or ideas. Just write to us at inquiries@nuciferabody.com.


*The information above is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any medical conditions and are not a substitute for the medical advice of a trained physician.