Who We Are

Why not have only a few products that you know and love and that can be used in multiple ways? Our offerings are designed to be multi-purpose and can be used from head to toe - which means less stuff, less waste, and less money down the drain.


Our Nuci community has been growing to include some very kind publishers, editors and even an influencer or two. We think this is exciting because it's helping the green beauty movement become more accessible - and that will help the entire beauty industry become healthier.


I created Nucifera out of my own desire to address the skin conditions I started experiencing in my 20s. Despite working in the vegan food world, writing multiple cookbooks and leading a healthy lifestyle – I was diagnosed with eczema and psoriasis – and I was dumbfounded. I refused to believe that this was my path, so I began hacking my own health and skin care routines.

At that time, the organic skin care brands list was so much shorter than it is today. It was very hard to find something that actually worked. I researched well-known brands, health food store brands, professional skin care products for estheticians, dermatologists and the like.

Even the best vegan face moisturizer I could find didn’t live up to its promises. I realized that so many plant based ingredients were either underused or non existent. There was very little out there on the market that felt nice, smelled nice and most importantly, worked.

With my knowledge of plant based ingredients leading the way, I took to crafting my own skin care recipes. When I finally developed the formula for The Balm – our mainstay product – I gave it to friends and family to beta test. Their reactions were genuinely positive and enthusiastic! In fact, some of the feedback I received gave me the motivation I needed to create Nucifera.

Today everything we make for Nucifera is made in small batches. I source every ingredient and am meticulous about quality. So many brands start with a broad range of productseach made for one thing. We are different. We started with just one product made for many things. Beauty Simply!


Many plant based skincare brands lean heavily on single-use products. This results in plant based skin care products that are limited, expensive and wasteful.

We created our skin care company with the philosophy that less is more when it comes to our beauty routines. That means less hard-to-pronounce ingredients, less single-use products and less waste.

When I wrote my book Coconut Kitchen, I started using coconut oil as body lotion. But soon I was using it on my face, hair, elbowsall over. There was something so liberating about having just one product for multiple uses.

If you wish that your coconut oil body butter did more then try our first product – The Balm. Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Borage Oil, and Moringa Oil make for what we like to think of as the most versatile and best vegan moisturizer on earth!


We believe the best vegan skincare products come down to what's inside. Our all natural skin care products contain the highest quality ingredients found in nature and selected for their ability to help elevate your body’s natural well-being.

We pride ourselves in making the best natural skin care products you can buy. What does this mean? It means the best cruelty free skin care products. Free of animal testing and animal derived ingredients. If you do a quick search for the best cruelty free moisturizer or cruelty free face moisturizer you will find there are many options. But look closer. If they’re produced or sold in China, they had to be tested on animals to do so. Nuci is Leaping Bunny certified and we will not sell in China as we believe animal testing should be banned.

Most people don’t realize that gluten makes its way into many products outside of food. If you are gluten sensitive and want to limit your exposure, seeking gluten free skin care products is essential. Gluten free cosmetics are harder to find than you’d think. We don’t use gluten in any of our products.

Finding paraben free skin care products is hard because preservatives can help prolong shelf life. They are also necessary if you have water mixed in with other ingredients (which is why it’s even harder hard to find a paraben free body lotion). The best paraben free moisturizer for dry skin is a balmor The Balm applied to damp skin. This approach mixes the oil and water directly on your skin instead of inside the bottle.

The information on pregnancy skin care products is overwhelming. One source will preach the benefits of an ingredient while another will make it sound toxic – especially when it comes to essential oils. Even some of the best organic skin care products contain essential oils. Highly concentrated amounts of them can be irritating and not ideal to use during pregnancy. Using products that are mild with clean ingredients and are safe for sensitive skin is our gauge for what to use during pregnancy. I founded Nucifera when I was pregnant so our essential-oil dilution is mild and non-irritating. I used The Balm as my belly butter the entire time!

We also get asked what the best baby skin care products are. Just like with pregnancy, you want to use products that contain a mild and non-irritating blend of ingredients. We’d like to think we are one of the best organic baby skin care products out there and have received many testimonials praising The Balm for diaper rash, cradle cap and other baby skin issues. Of course, every child is different. Some might be sensitive to one of our ingredients so please patch test on a small area first.


We wouldn't be anywhere without the amazing support and feedback we get from our community. Here are a few recent testimonials from some of our lovely Nuci fans. Thank you! We appreciate and love you!


“I can’t say enough good things about this product. It’s become a mainstay in my beauty regime (which is pretty minimal - focusing on quality over quantity). At first I thought it was just coconut oil, but it’s not. It also has ingredients like avocado oil and mango butter. Super yummy. The last thing I’ll say is that it HEALED my daughters diaper rash. Like in a day. She has never suffered from it since. If I see any redness or irritation coming on I bust out the Nuci.”  - Hayley C


"I look forward all day to using this because the texture is so perfect and the smell is to die for. I massage a small amount onto my face, then take a warm washcloth, place over face and kind of steam it into my skin... then I wipe off and add a little more for sleeping. Wake up to baby soft skin! Love it :)) I've also been using it as a natural deodorant and on the ends of my hair. THE best."  - Carrie R


“If you are looking for a one stop does it all, leaves you glowing, and actually heals your skin from the inside out, this is your one stop shop. I use it on my body from head to toe, and even as a pomade for perfect beach-y wave hair. Works even better than neosporin and eucerin without all the harmful chemicals. This is always a go-to. Family run, and ethical biz also!”  - Lauren P


“I am just obsessed with Nucifera. Thank you for making such a cure all! I’ve been using for everything. And not just for me, for my toddler too who has keratosis pilaris. Previously was using Egyptian Magic but this product is so much more superior. Egyptian Magic could only wear at night as it was so greasy, this absorbs into skin better and overall feels much more superior. It feels so freeing being able to not have so many different products and instead just have the one for most of my needs. I’m excited to try the mist next. Can’t recommend Nucifera more, must try.”  - Meghan T


“I use this product to moisturize my face, arms and knees, and to remove makeup. My skin absorbs it completely with no residue. It has a natural fresh smell that I love and it travels with me everywhere. I gave it as gifts for xmas and everyone loved it. My sister-in-law is sensitive to many products, but she uses this one without any problems. It's also very popular as a conditioner for hair! A great addition to my shelf of favorite natural products. Excellent price.”  -Karen F


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