MANGO MAGIC // Deep dive on mango butter

It seems that every time we mention our formula has mango butter in it, most people look at us with a raised brow. "Mango butter?" It always kind of surprises me.

Yes, the Balm contains the magnificent, magical and super effective mango butter. 

When most people think of mangos they think of the sweet tasty flesh that comes from the fruit of the mango. Mango is an amazing fruit, and wonderfully good for you- but there is more to it. 

Mango butter, along with all of our other ingredients, is extracted from the seed of the fruit. That is where the name Nucifera comes from - it means, 'nut bearing'.  The fat that this seed yields is similar to shea butter- rich, thick, and creamy- but is in our eyes, perhaps even better. 

What makes mango butter really amazing is its deeply emollient qualities, and the way that it absorbs into the skin. It doesn't feel greasy at all. It is rich in antioxidants, and boosts hydration on a cellular level. It is complete with oleic and stearic acids that are both deeply hydrating and non comedogenic (aka doesn't clog pores). We love the smooth depth that it adds to our formula, and how it helps everything emulsify together so well. 

Top 10 Benefits of Mango Butter are : 

1 - Boost Hydration 

2 -  May help with extremely dry skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema 

3 -  May help reduce inflammatory skin conditions. 

4 -  May help reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

5 - Soothes skin irritations, including bug bites 

6 - Reduces scarring  

7 - Works to hydrate hair and scalp 

8 - Helps boost skin elasticity 

9 - Won't clog pores, so it moisturizes without contributing to oily skin conditions

10 - Soothes sunburn  

And a question we get asked a lot. Does it smell like mango? No! The scent is mind and earthy. It does not have a fruity smell at all. 

We hope you'll try, and know you'll love!

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