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FEMME FRIDAY // Summer Sanders

FEMME FRIDAY // Summer Sanders

It's true that there are many friends and women who inspire me, but there are those who exceptionally stand out. Summer Sanders is one of them. To say that Summer seems to "kill it" on all levels would be an understatement. She literally vibrates with creativity, productivity, and all things health and wellness. I have absolutely no idea how she gets as much done as she does.

Living in the epic landscape of Sedona, AZ with her precious family, her bohemian chic life is enviable. She owns and operates the super cute cafe and juice bar Local Juicery with her...

Coconut Dope // Vol 4

Coconut Dope // Vol 4

We're cruising on into summer and feeling good. 

Never a day that isn't a little cray, but we like keeping it that way!

Moving on... 

The last few weeks here in LA have been epically beautiful, fun, and inspired. Not that the weather here isn't always great, but this time of year has us feeling extra excited about everything. 

Here, there, or anywhere we hope you find inspiration! 



Happily attended a little women in business meet-up and had the sexiest breakfast on the planet. 

Thanks to Free + Native we're down the rabbit hole

The Coconut Dope // Vol 3

The Coconut Dope // Vol 3

Spring is in full force and we're still feeling all bright and bouncy with a deep need to connect to nature and our physical bodies. Nothing will get you out of hibernation better than a good sweat, a little outdoor adventure and of course a little romance!

 So here is this weeks ode to spring and a tribute to keeping things fresh. 

1) The season on paper.  

2) Test your boundaries and listen to this

3) Liver feels like the new kale around here, but this seems like a recipe we'd be happier to swallow. 


FEMME FRIDAY // Olivia Katz

FEMME FRIDAY // Olivia Katz

I first met Olivia peddling buttery brews at what was my local favorite coffee spot - Another Kind of Sunrise. We miss it! And we miss running into her bubbly face on the weekly. She was always good for a laugh with the right amount of sarcasm and sense of humor.

Fortunately, since then, I started seeing her on my daily coffee shop bounce around Venice. Both of us 'getting work done'... but yes, really.

Olivia is a talented photographer, photogenic in her own right, funny and smart. She's got a solid BS filter that I really...

IN PURSUIT OF PLEASURE // Nourish Your Beauty

IN PURSUIT OF PLEASURE // Nourish Your Beauty

You'd be living under a rock not to recognize that self-care has become trendy. This idea that women, yes mostly women, are perpetually lacking in the tools to take care of themselves has really become quite the marketing trend. 

It is true on many levels that women are bound to the pressures of being mothers, entrepreneurs, lovers, homemakers, and consummate pleasers. Coupled by the physical pressures that women have to 'maintain'. All that pleasing leads us down the road to guilt. Never quite living up to all the expectation, and certainly never focusing on pleasure.

Instead of gazing...