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FEMME FRIDAY // Tara Sowalty

As one half of the lovely duo behind the How You Glow  phenomenon - Tara Sowalty @tarasowlaty defines glow. She and her founding partner Jessie DeLowe tapped into the millennial mindset with the perfect site + IG feed @howyouglow to satisfy every craving. They were brilliant in stretching the boundaries of wellness to extend into the realm of travel, fine dining, fashion and all things #glowy. I've found myself referring to their site many times to find our where to go, what to eat, and what to do.

They are truly quite brilliant in their curation. 

Tara is...

FEMME FRIDAY // Kristin Dahl

 Kristin Dahl and I have known each other via Instagram for quite some time now, but it wasn't until we both lived in west LA that I was fortunate enough to have the chance to connect in person.

Kristin is a truly unique and genuine beauty. I find it remarkable that she has openly paved her own way from a young age. As she admits in our questionnaire- she has relied on her own strength, intuition, and creativity to build a beautiful life and career for herself. This may sound like something that should go with the territory, but it so...

CBLT // Coconut Bacon, Avocado, Romaine and Tomato

CBLT  (Coconut Bacon, Avocado, Romaine and Tomato)

I did not invent coconut bacon. I think the idea for this recipe actually originated from a wrap I had at a little vegan spot in Montreal - Aux Vivres. In fact, I know it did. The crunchy deliciousness was an immediate sensory throwback to the days of bacon bits. Let's face it - we are hard wired to love salty crunchy things. Although the recipe for the bacon is the one step that takes a bit longer, you can make...

FEMME FRIDAY // Jessie De Lowe

As one half of the lovely duo behind the How You Glow  phenomenon - meet Jessie De Lowe.

As I write this Jessie has gone from mom to be to brand new mom, having just given birth to a baby girl only two weeks ago.

I'm fortunate to have spent a little more time around Jessie over the last few months. Our lives seems to have had similar trajectories with finding love, marriage, and baby all in a relatively short time span. I get a sense of ease from her that I know so well myself. There is something so...

COCONUT CAESAR // Romaine, Dulse, Cured Olives.

Summer is all about staying hydrated. There's never a better time of year to incorporate as many raw foods into your diet as possible. Not only will eating a diet full of fresh vegetables (especially greens) replenish what you loose sweating it out in high temperatures, you will also infuse your body with minerals and antioxidants that can literally help protect your skin from the sun. 

This salad can be served as a romaine “wedge” inspired by restaurant platings, or you can also use romaine hearts...