EXERCISE MEETS SKINCARE // Before, during and after

Two things that don’t necessarily go together are exercise and skin care. While they both fall in the 'self-care' category, we tend to think of them as two very different processes.

We beg to differ...

Having a safe and effective skin care routine along with your workout is a great way to combat any irritation or dryness that you may get with working out more. If you're smart about it, the skin detox that comes from a good sweat is the perfect addition to a skincare routine, and the two can work together hand in hand. The perfect cycle of cleanse, detox, cleanse.

We stand for simplicity and maintaining an exercise routine is hard enough without having to worry about your skin care program interfering. Keep it simple, and you'll see results!

These are our top skin care considerations when it comes to skin care and exercise.


This may sound a bit funky, or freak you out, and if so, we understand. All of us are a little bit different in this department- some of us are heavy sweaters, and others barely perspire. So, to each their own! However, our sweat glands are our bodies natural way to detox, and if you are clogging your glands with deodorant (natural or not) you are not doing your body the best service. With more regular workouts, clean eating, and cleaner living you’ll notice that your body odor will in fact smell better so it shouldn't be as big of a concern.

Now we're not suggesting that you go for an intense bike ride and show up to the office with that sweat still caked on. Please do your friends and coworkers the service of figuring that out, but if you're working out and showering after then you're most likely ok. I’ll personally give myself a once over with The Mist before I work out (hair, face, body and under arms) and then depending on what I’m doing after, another once over with The Mist until I will eventually take a shower. Keeping things fresh is certainly important, but so is sweating out those toxins.


Go makeup free if possible. Again, to each their own on this subject, and we realize that people have different needs or desires. You do you. However, workouts combined with makeup is generally a good way to clog your pores and possibly worsen any skin condition that you might be trying to cover up. As I mentioned in the above note, sweating is such an essential part of detoxing, you want your pores to be as open as possible to truly cleanse them. If you are open to wearing less make up, but still are using it, we would suggest cutting back and you may notice before the end of a few weeks that you are better going makeup free.


Splash your face with cold water before and after work out. This may seem so obvious, but do you know why?! Splashing your face with cold water increases the blood flow, which in turn protects your face and skin from free radicals and may help improve your overall appearance.

The post workout splash should include a little cleansing with The Balm or another face wash to help remove those pore clogging toxins after you work out. If you aren't that concerned with washing your face after a workout, I would suggest you reconsider this. From sweat to dirt and whatever else gets on your skin during a workout, it's a good idea to wash your face afterwards- especially if you're worried about acne or any sort of clogged poor skin conditions.


Don’t forget to moisturize. Now you may be saying to yourself, I thought you just told me not to clog my pores? True, but a non-comedogenic moisturizer like our products will not clog your pores! What they will do is help your skin stay moisturized, hydrated, and protected from the elements. Whenever I skip a morning moisturizing routine, I noticed the difference all day long. In our sleep, we lose water, and our skin is typically very dry when we wake up. Applying that first layer of The Oil or The Balm is what I think of as the skin equivalent of drinking a glass of water. You can also travel lightly with The Stick for protection. It goes without saying, but it's our most workout friendly product. I keep it in my gym bag, and my running pouch, and will take it on hikes with me or anywhere that I might need a little moisturizer barrier.


From pre to post workout refreshment, The Mist is the way to go. In addition to using it on your face, you can use it on yoga mats, gym bags, shoes, clothes, and absolutely anything that carries a little funk.

At the end of the day, being consistent and keeping it simple with any routine is what leads to its success. Feeling good and keeping it fun is what makes it stick!

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