If you’re like us and recall when travel size products were not so ubiquitous, then you know that travel size sections in stores is a newish thing.

We often get asked about how travel friendly our products are (or if we are going to make travel sizes).

Travel sizes are a big problem when it comes to waste and they contribute to a large number of small plastics and other materials that won’t get recycled. Anything under two inches will most likely not get detected by the sorting machines and thus ends up in our landfill.

We have debated about whether or not to introduce smaller sizes of our products. There is demand for them and they would be convenient for our customers. However, the small packaging required to accomplish travel size is a difficult compromise to consider given the greater impact on our planet.

So how can you travel with Nucifera?

You'll be glad to know The Balm (2oz) and The Stick are already travel friendly. In fact, The Stick was developed specifically to go with you.

Our sizes of The Mist and The Oil are a different story. Both are 4oz which may make things a bit tricky (depending on the TSA person you deal with). Sometimes 4oz is ok and sometimes it isn’t. Certainly, we don't want you to spend your hard earned money to find out.

The very simple solution to this is to find reusable travel size containers so you can transfer a smaller amount of our product into them. These containers are meant to be used over and over again and are available in many stores (and of course online). This solution may seem a little passive, but as a brand with a plan to be as responsible as possible, we simply can’t justify contributing to the manufacturing of smaller materials that can't be recycled conveniently. So, until there are better options out there, the best solution we've found and recommend are multiple use containers.

At Nucifera, we are constantly researching 'greener'. But currently, smaller independent brands have limited access or leverage when it comes to responsible choices of packaging. Better options simply don't yet exist on a smaller scale. (They aren't readily available on a larger scale either). The good news is that there are some new packaging materials and technologies on the horizon and we are hoping they will be available (for all) sooner than later.

All of this goes back to the very simple consideration of conscious consumption. Travel-sized products are a nice idea until you look more deeply into how harmful they can be. We've all been guilty of buying them at times, but please consider their greater impact the next time you shop them.

What about travel size products in sustainable packaging? They are rare but they do exist. But also remember that anything that is single use is also not the answer (unless it's 100% biodegradable or compostable).

So please, do some research with the options you have and try to do what's best both for you and the planet. Also, let us know what you find and please write us about your travel adventures with Nucifera!

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