SKINCARE IN THE KITCHEN // Our tips for chefs

Skin care in the kitchen is not something many people think about. Whether you’re a professional chef or an at home chef, your skin is often the last thing on your mind when you are preparing a meal.

However, as someone who has worked both professionally and at home in the kitchen, I must tell you that having a little kit of skin tools can be a huge asset when it comes to making kitchen work comfortable.

From burns, to cuts, to dry hands from washing and other ailments like eczema, it is very important to have the right products you can rely on to assist you in these scenarios!

I find that functionality, simplicity and minimal luxury pairs well with a culinary mentality. Like the perfect flaky salt that elevates your entire experience in an understated way, all of our products work well for chefs. Here are some of our favorite ways that chefs like to use our products…

The Stick //


The Stick is essential for the kitchen. Along with ice, I like to apply it immediately after any burn. it may help reduce inflammation and reduce the severity of your burn. And because of its somewhat waxy application, it sits on top of the skin and helps protect and improve any skin tenderness that comes with a burn. I'd say it's a chef’s kit essential for this reason!


The first mode of action for any cut, is cleaning and then the application of anti-bacterial cream or ointment. However, once you get past that first phase, it’s important to have something on board that can prevent scarring and assist with healing. The Stick is our go to for this scenario.

The Balm //

Kitchen Hands:

Often rough from washing, and exposure to salts and acids and any number of ingredients that dry out your hands, kitchen hands are a big thing. To successfully be a chef, you need to have hands that look and feel good. No one wants the food that touches their hands to have wounds or skin conditions. Having nice hands as a chef, is a nice thing. Keeping a little tub of The Balm next to your hand washing sink, whether it be in a professional environment or at home, is really helpful.


I don’t know why this is a thing. But it is. From the stressful nature of the job to drastic temperature changes, heat, cold, etc, many chefs have experienced issues with eczema. (I have)! The Stick and The Balm are wonderful to have in your pocket to help combat this frustrating skin condition. Whether it be on your hands, or somewhere else on your body, both The Stick and The Balm work wonders.

Hair Fly Aways:

No one wants hair in their food and depending on how you work and your hair type, this can be an issue. Sometimes wearing a hairnet is just not the vibe you’re going for. However, if you do have long hair, it is nice to have your hair pulled back tightly and contained in a way that will reduce the chances of it falling in your food. My favorite way to style my hair when cooking is to pull it back in a tight ponytail and use The Balm to smooth it back as tightly as possible. Think of it as a pomade you will be good to go!

Sore Feet:

A byproduct of being a chef. If you are standing around on sore, tired, and calloused feet you are not going to be as happy or functional. Giving yourself a nightly foot massage with a product like The Balm can be a game changer in terms of your performance. Put on some socks after you lather your feet in The Balm, and you will wake up feeling like you just had an overnight pedicure. Along with our products I like to add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to my feet to truly refresh and reenergize your legs.

The Mist //


Depending on where you work, anything with fragrance may not be a welcome addition. As any chef knows, perfume in the kitchen is taboo. However, that doesn't mean you don't want to feel fresh. If you are working in a hot and sweaty environment as a line cook for example, stepping out of the kitchen and giving yourself a spritz of The Mist can be truly invigorating.

Build Up:

If you work in pastry or with a lot of flours, spritzing with The Mist can help reduce the amount of buildup that you get on your face, helping to prevent clogged pores. Not high maintenance, just high functioning. The Mist is a simple kitchen luxury that does not overpower with fragrance or any perfume.


No one wants to smell like the food they make unless its vanilla and jasmine (IMOP). But if you get off work, and aren't headed straight home, The Mist is a great way to refresh without dousing yourself in cologne.

No one really wants to hire a skincare diva as a chef, but that doesn’t mean that someone doesn't want to look or feel nice outside of their job. Our line of products are designed to be minimal and high functioning, but also luxurious.

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