All You Need

How you spend your time is how you live your life. So why spend so much of it on multi-product, multi-step routines? Why not have only a few products that you know and love and that can be used in multiple ways? Our multi-purpose vegan skincare products can be used from head to toe. That means less stuff, less time, less waste, and less money down the drain.

Beauty Simply

Most skincare routines lean heavily on single-use products. Why do we need one product for our eyes, one for our lips, one for our cheeks, and so on? We think this concept can be complicated and wasteful.

Our skincare line is based on the notion of simplicity. Everything we make is designed with the intention to be one of the only products you’ll need. That’s why our products are multi-purpose, vegan and unisex.

Simple offerings made with simple ingredients that enable you to live more simply.

Love Our Labels

We strive to make the best natural skincare products for all. This means products that are people friendly, animal friendly and earth friendly.

It’s not enough to make the best paraben free skincare products or the best cruelty free skincare products or the best eco-friendly skincare products. The best products should be all of the above.

From ingredients to packaging we obsess over sourcing. We use no animal derived ingredients, no synthetics, and the least amount of plastic possible. All of our plant-based skincare products contain the highest quality ingredients selected to nourish your body's natural well-being.

What is Cruelty Free?

cruelty free face moisturizer simply means the product and its ingredients weren’t tested on animals. Some companies don’t conduct animal testing unless required by law. This means they still do animal testing if they sell in countries like China. We think the best cruelty free moisturizer is one that is certified by an accredited cruelty free program. Nucifera is Leaping Bunny certified and we do not sell in countries that require animal testing.

What is Vegan?

Vegan beauty is one of the fastest growing markets today. Vegan skincare products are plant-based and use no animal derived ingredients. Read your labels closely as not all products made with plant-based ingredients are vegan. You might see a product advertising itself as plant-based but it could also contain beeswax, lanolin, keratin and more. The Balm is 100% vegan and we think it’s one of the best vegan skincare products out there.

What is Gluten Free?

Most people don’t realize that gluten makes its way into many products outside of food. Gluten free cosmetics are products that are free of the glue-like proteins found in most grains. If you are sensitive to gluten you might want to reduce your exposure by seeking gluten free skincare products as your skin will absorb 60% of what you put on it. All Nucifera products are 100% gluten free.

What is Paraben Free?

Parabens are synthetic chemicals widely used as preservatives to prolong shelf life. They are also necessary if you have water as an ingredient. This is why the best paraben free body lotion isn’t a lotion at all. The best paraben free moisturizer for dry skin is a balm applied to damp skin. This method mixes the oil and water directly on your skin instead of inside the bottle. The Balm is paraben free and best when applied right after bathing.

What is Pregnancy Safe?

The information on pregnancy skincare products is confusing – especially when it comes to essential oils. While highly concentrated amounts of them can be irritating, many of the best organic skincare products contain them. That said, we prefer products that are mild, clean and safe for sensitive skin. I created Nucifera while pregnant, so our essential oil dilution is very mild. In fact, I used The Balm as my belly butter the entire time!

What is Baby Safe?

The best baby skincare products are ones that contain ingredients that are mild, clean and safe for sensitive skin. We think we're one of the best organic baby skincare products out there and have received many testimonials praising The Balm for diaper rash and other baby skin issues. Nucifera is dermatologist tested but every child is different. Some might be sensitive to one of our ingredients so please patch test on a small area first.

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