THE BALM FOR BABIES // Multi-purpose for the family

Don't you ever wonder what “not safe for children” really means? We're all human after all. Yes, children are smaller and for certain things it makes sense because children (and babies in particular) do have greater skin sensitivity. But when it comes to skincare, our philosophy is that if it isn't safe for children, it isn’t safe for adults.

We make products safe for everyone in the house- babies, toddlers, kids and adults.

When we founded Nucifera I was an expecting mom-to-be. Our product formulation for The Balm was something I had been using on myself for years– but it wasn't until I was pregnant that I started using it all over my growing bump and body. (I remember sitting on a bouncer ball only a few days away from giving birth praying that our baby wouldn't come early so I could get a large retail order out the door). I like to tell this story because we were our own test subjects for our products, and like all mothers, my primary concern was the health of my child.

Once our daughter arrived, I turned to The Balm for every little skin irritation and diaper rash flare up– and it worked!

We now have countless testimonials sharing how much The Balm has helped people during their early stages of pregnancy and beyond. We’ve heard how our products have become parent must-haves for strollers and diaper bags. How children love putting The Stick on their chapped lips or minor scrapes and scratches because it helps them feel better. How toddlers ask for "Nuci massages" after a bath because it’s something that feels and smells nice. These stories are so heartwarming to us and make everything we do have value that exceeds any expectations we ever had.

Here are some of our (and our communities) favorite ways to use The Balm for babies and toddlers:


For very small babies and newborns, our personal feeling is that it’s best to leave their skin alone. Use only the most minimal wash and product. Their skin can be very reactive in the early days– but that is no indication as to how they will react going forward.

All that being said, diaper rash is a BUMMER. I remember the first time our daughter got it, and it was so upsetting to me! It's uncomfortable for them and can actually look much worse than it is. The Balm and The Stick work great for treating diaper rash and can also be used as a little barrier cream for prevention. Our highly diluted essential oil blend may also kill bacteria and work as an anti-fungal.


Massages are nice at any point in life and babies and toddlers also love them! So much of parenting is operational, we don't spend enough time slowing down and savoring the movements. Giving your baby a little massage with The Balm is so sweet for everyone!


Little kids get into it and sometimes they get scrapes and scratches. No one wants to feel like their child has made a mark for life. While most scars fade over time, it’s nice to help things heal properly. I still have faint scratches on my knees that I wish I'd had The Balm for!


Even though The Balm is made from oils and butters– it can help prevent that scaly buildup that is the cause of cradle cap. Using your fingers or a brush, help loosen the scales with a little bit of The Balm. Rinse and use a gentle soap to wash the scalp. Next apply a touch more of The Balm. It's really a game changer in helping their scalp stay silky smooth.


I get asked all the time if The Balm can be used as a nipple cream when breastfeeding. The answer is YES! The only advice I have is to apply it between feedings versus right before you feed. (This is good advice for all nipple creams). You want the healing to come in between the feedings instead of applying something and having it get licked off.

Caring for anyone and everyone in your family should feel safe and comfortable without stressing about ingredients. As parents there is already so much to worry about and stressing about skincare shouldn't be one of them!

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