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MANGO MAGIC // Deep Dive on Mango Butter

It seems that every time we mention our formula has mango butter in it, most people look at us with a raised brow. "Mango butter?" It always kind of surprises me.

Yes, the Balm contains the magnificent, magical and super effective mango butter. 

When most people think of mangos they think of the sweet tasty flesh that comes from the fruit of the mango. Mango is an amazing fruit, and wonderfully good for you- but there is more to it. 

Mango butter, along with all of our other ingredients, is extracted from the seed of the fruit. That is where...


I am so honored to include Lulu Brud in our Imperfectly Perfect series. I've followed Lulu online for quite a while, and it wasn't until connecting the dots in person a few months ago that I became intrigued and inspired by her campaign @voteyourchange. She is proactively using her voice to make a difference, and generate meaningful content. Something we can all aspire to.

Known personally online as @ladyluofthewolves Lulu quite literally epitomizes what this blog means to us. Perfection is not that interesting - and yet we are constantly bombarded by...


Although Jamie and I have never really hung out, we've known - or known of - each other for quite some time, as we've both shared a mutual friend in Lacy Philips of To Be Magnetic. So in some sense, I feel like I've known her for a long time.

It wasn't until running into her at an event recently, where we both promptly launched in to some pretty deep story telling that I wish we'd hung out more. I've witnessed Jamie grow her family, expand her business, and evolve her sense of personal expression over the last...


I first met Andrea in a mommy and me class featured at our mutual friend's space Loom (which, if you aren't familiar and are in the parenting zone - is a must for support!) Bonding over parenting is either really easy, or really hard - it's a pretty good way to find the people you actually connect with. 

I immediately liked Andrea. She brings a hefty dose of sarcasm and self deprecating humor to the table which is super refreshing, and resonates with how I personally 'parent' - because, what do any of us really know?...

MELTING // Sometimes we're a little soft.

Ice cream melts, chocolate melts, coconut oil melts - all the sweet things in life seem to melt, but when it comes to natural skincare people seem to get confused.

Shipping a product that melts in the summer is no fun for anyone so we will explain. 

The Balm is a base blend of kokum butter, mango butter, coconut oil, and the liquid oils of avocado, borage and moringa. This whipped concoction makes for our truly special texture and skin nourishing benefits. In order to get this texture we melt everything down and gently emulsify it at low...