BEAUTY VS SKINCARE // Similar but different

Too often beauty and skincare products get confused with one another or thrown into the same category. While “beauty” can certainly be a manifestation of skin care, the goal of skin care is something fundamentally different.

We have always believed in the notion of feeling good in your own skin – both physically and mentally. Which is why our products are vegan, multi-purpose and can be used for all skin types. We think skin care is really about obtaining your best skin possible.

Beauty, on the other hand, has other priorities. Most of them being about aesthetics. Beauty can also be about feeling good. There is such a thing as inner beauty. But inner beauty is not necessarily connected to makeup, coverup, beauty treatments or anything extra like fashion or adornment. Don't get us wrong. All of that stuff can be fun. In fact, glamorizing one’s own appearance is on some level human nature and there’s nothing wrong with it. But actual skin health or skin care isn’t necessarily front and center.

People from all walks of life are drawn to caring for their skin. Our skin is a huge part of how we interact with the world. And when your skin (whatever type) isn’t cared for, it can become dry, flaky, itchy, uncomfortable and definitely can inhibit your quality of life. This affects everyone. From a young child with diaper rash, to an older person with poor circulation who struggles with cracking – caring for your skin matters. Inflammatory skin conditions are also extremely uncomfortable and are not something that enhances your quality of life. My own personal journey (which I have shared many times) started with eczema and psoriasis. Both of which were incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing. In hindsight, it inhibited me from interacting with the world as my best self.

Our goal in creating skincare was to create something that was gentle enough to be used by anyone. One of our favorite kinds of testimonials is when people tell us how “nourishing and healing“ our products feel. We think this is not an accident. While there are some great products out there that treat very specific needs, the landscape is also full of niche products – because that is how most beauty and skincare brands fundamentally grow.

Our goal is something different. We believe that nourishing your skin (and yourself) sets the framework and the foundation for feeling your best. Skin care extends well beyond getting “the glow” or improving appearance. It is also about the comfort of feeling good in your own skin – both literal and metaphorical. We suppose in its essence you can call it self-care. Feeling good about yourself is a way to interact with the world from a more positive place.

Here are some ways that people have shared about how they use our products that are truly meaningful to us:

1 - Any new mother knows dealing with diaper rash is probably in some ways more painful for you than it is for the baby. Seeing any kind of rash on a young child is no fun! We can’t count the times that mothers have written us and said how essential The Balm or The Stick was in helping to heal their little one’s diaper rash. Our blend of essential oils is highly diluted to be safe for young skin types. These two blends also have anti-fungal qualities which work well against combating diaper rash. The butters and oils are very soothing. It can also be used to prevent diaper rash. Of course, always patch test first before using.

2 - Chemotherapy patients have been some of our most moving testimonials. For anyone who has been through these treatments you know how drying and damaging this can be to the skin. We have received testimonials from our friends and community about our products (especially The Balm) being helpful and uplifting during this very hard time.

3 - Acne scarring can be really stubborn and depressing for people to deal with as a reminder of past skin issues. I am always thrilled to get testimonials from people who are using our products successfully in helping to improve these lingering scars.

4 - Sex and intimacy. Using our products intimately was a fun surprise to us, and we’ve had many couples write us who enjoy using The Balm and The Oil to connect in this way. Especially for women who are menopausal or perimenopausal, these products can help make things more comfortable.

5 - Elderly Skin. We’ve had many people purchase our products for their parents or grandparents who suffer from the severe dry skin that can come with age. These become some of our biggest supporters because they are often fairly discerning, and when something works they stick with it. Kokum butter (one of our primary ingredients) has historically been used to treat dry, calloused feet and heels that if not properly treated can become very stubborn and even make it uncomfortable to walk.

These were just a handful of some our favorites. Nothing makes us happier than feeling like we are making a positive impact in people’s lives. Thank you for your support! We love hearing from you!

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