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THE MIST // And how to use it

If misting yourself liberally in these hot summer months doesn't sound good to you, we might have a hard time explaining ourselves, but to make the effort - we'd like to give our top favorite ways to use The Mist, and share a bit about the ingredients. 

The Mist is our second product. An all in one formula that can be used from head to toe for literally - the whole family - including your pets! It is a base blend of aloe vera, rose water, witch hazel and colloidal silver with essential oils...


Most people have a story to tell about how marijuana fit into their younger years, and has either stayed in, or moved its way out. I have to say that I'm of the camp that has truthfully had very little experience with the plant, except one recreational time that scared me for good. 

But, as we all know - things have dramatically shifted in the cannabis industry over the last few years, and the benefits that the plant may bring to the table have started to be revealed. Much more than just getting high, CBD products offer...


I first met the awesome ladies behind Ōna Organics at last December's Echo Park Craft fair and we all got along right away, but it wasn't until becoming completely obsessed with their products that I really started to do the deep dive.

Founded by friends Amanda Arapoglou and Elizabeth Dorow - Ōna was founded out of a mutual appreciation for plant medicine and self healing. With backgrounds in herbalism, Moringa farming, Ayurvedic medicine, and Vedic meditation - the recipe of their friendship was truly one to create something special. I traded with them at the end of...


Just when I thought I didn't need another food centric Instagram feed to follow, I ran across Mia Rigden of Rasa Life.  Without ever having met her, there was something about her vibe that felt super authentic, funny and worth following. She's  a classically trained chef, a licensed holistic health coach, and currently completing a masters in nutrition- all of which makes me feel like she definitely knows whats up in the food world. Her recipes seem super delicious, down to earth,  and she's up for adding some...

DRY BRUSHING// big deal? or big hype?

Plenty of articles exist on the benefits of dry brushing - making claims that it can do just about anything from removing cellulite, to spider veins, detoxifying, energizing, the list goes on. The internet loves a good hyperbole, and the dry brush fits that bill. 

We come to the dry brushing side of the equation from the sensitive skin camp, and while we are absolutely not against it, we'd like to offer some insight on how best to dry brush, and perhaps help you manage your expectations. 

What dry brushing does do: 

1 - Helps exfoliate your skin....