SANDALWOOD // The adaptive essential oil

Of the greatest interest is the effect of fragrances on the psychic and metal state of the individual. Power of perception becomes clearer and more acute, and there is a feeling of having to a certain extent, outstripped events... It might even be said that the emotional trouble which in general obscures our perception is practically suppressed.
– Marguerie Maury, The Secret of Life and Youth (on essential oils) 

The history and lore of using essential oils and botanical extracts is one that runs deep. Humans have been using botanicals for fragrance, and in skin preparations and wellness practices for at least 5000 years. What may seem novel to our modern culture, is absolutely nothing new. The misconception that somehow high quality essential oils are incomplete, or not effective, is very flawed. If anything, essential oils are more complete than their synthetic counterparts that lack the holistic nature and chemical complexity occurring in essential oils. In short, essential oils are quite remarkable– and I personally don't believe that we fully understand all that they are able to do. They are by no means a cure all, and should be tried and tested on each person for compatibility– but the benefits are many. If your new to essential oil use there is a lot to learn and enjoy! 

With this in mind, there was never a question that Nucifera would be crafted with anything but the most high quality oils. Every batch of our pure essential oils are analyzed using GC/MS (Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer) to ensure the highest, and unadulterated quality. Many essential oils in the mass market place today are formulated with petroleum derived synthetics, and are a far cry from plant purity. The synthetic of these oils may increase the risk of allergies and adverse reactions, and are not a fair representation of what a high quality oil can deliver. I believe that you can smell and feel the difference in our oils. Because they are whole, pure, plant extracts they are more well rounded– and therefore, less harsh. While it is true that oils can be strong, and irritate sensitive skin– when used in their purist form, and properly diluted, you are able to experience incredibly healing results.  Each of oils we use in our formulas, work together to strengthen and nourish even the most sensitive skin types. 

Along with the skin nourishing benefits, the fragrance and aromatherapeutic benefit of essential oils is unparalleled. 

Sandalwood //
Our highlight today is on sandalwood. The woody base note of all of our formulas, and part of what I believe truly sets us apart. Sandalwood is highly prized, very expensive to work with, and unique in many ways. Our formula and fragrance would not be the same without it. 

The Fragrance:
Part of what is exceptional about sandalwood is its ability to mimic and adapt to human pheromones. There is a non specific allure to sandalwood that works on almost everyone, and enhances their best smell–  it also probably smells very different to most people. For this reason it is often hard to pinpoint, and works as a base note to most formulas. Many high quality perfumes contain base notes that mimic human pheromones, and trigger sexual olfactory signals. This is part of what makes fragrance so alluring, personal and very different from say- a bar of soap. The fragrance goes beyond fresh, and taps into something a little more primal. The notes commonly used to achieve this seductive element are the notes of musk, civet, or castoreum– as well as essential oils like sandalwood which is very similar to androstenol, a male human pheromone– also known as the love scent.

The subtle sexiness of sandalwood, may help to explain why it not only smells good, but it may also improve mood, reduce anxiety, relieve symptoms of depression, promote euphoria and... not surprisingly, boost libido. 
Sandalwood makes you feel and smell good!

The Skin:
In the same way we think about sandalwood for its alluring fragrance, it has many similar benefits for the skin. The phrase "get the glow" could easily be applied solely to sandalwood for its antioxidant rich, and rejuvenating properties– that help boost a youthful glow. Its key active ingredient is alpha-santol, which is known to potentially relieve a variety of skin ailments, reduce inflammation, and improve skin tone and texture. Overall, this essential oil is very gentle to the skin and is safe to use directly, even though it is diluted with carrier oils in our formulas. It is also rich in antiseptic and antimicrobial properties which make it an excellent skin cleanser, and great to use on any type of fungal skin irritation. 

Some benefits of sandalwood for the skin may include:

– reduction of scaring 
– smooth wrinkles 
– improve eczema and psoriasis 
– reduce acne 
– even skin tone and discoloration 
– wound healing
– skin cooling, to reduce any number of inflammatory skin conditions 

While many natural skincare formulas focus on top note aromas for freshness, we believe that the beauty and complexity of our formulas come from precious essential oils like sandalwood. 

We love it so much, it is included in all of our formulas.

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