THE MOD MASTER CLEANSE // Juicing for immunity

Take care to take care.

It goes without saying that this fall, boosting immunity should be on the top of everyones list. Doing things to support our bodies natural immune system is always a good idea, and something that doesn't get enough credit. We need to be responsible for taking care of ourselves and how we feel to the best of our ability. 
Juice does this for me. Not only does the act of juicing feel like a step in the right direction, the results are almost always a treat. There is nothing that puts a pep in my step, and a swath of optimism into my brain like juice.

This is my version of the "Master Cleanse". While the traditional version is made using lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne– I prefer a "whole foods" version sweetened with apple instead. Add ginger and apple cider vinegar for an extra kick. Honestly, no matter how your feeling, you will feel a boost! 
I realize everyone doesn't have a juicer. If you do have a local health food store, ask them to make this using extra lemons. You want it super tart. Or, you can use a citrus hand held juicer and blend with fresh pressed (store bought) apple juice + cayenne and apple cider vinegar.

Why drink it? In the most simple terms, it is cleansing.

And what does cleansing even mean? This term gets thrown around a lot recently– as if any number of things are "cleansing". To me, cleansing means it feels light, bright and good. It also moves toxins through your body on a cellular level. This can be done through boosting digestive fire, and moving waste through your body– literally cleansing you. This juice will certainly do that. If you've felt backed up or constipated this juice is a great way to help move things along. Apple juice is known for its ability to relieve constipation, ginger is soothing to any upset stomach and apple cider vinegar and cayenne both jumpstart things. Like cleaning a drawer or closet, cleansing food cleanses! 

In addition to the cleansing, Lemon juice is one of the best alkalizers. Even though lemons are acidic, their effect on the body is alkaline– and a body with balanced alkalinity is better able to fight any number of illnesses. Not only are lemons alkaline, they are also rich in Vitamin C which is known (albeit somewhat controversially) to boost immunity, help fight common colds, and keep your immune system humming as it should. 

Skin issues are one of the number one ways early stage blockages show up- from acne, to inflammation, rashes, eczema- all of these can be improved by seeking out cleansing food. 

While we make no promises, I can tell you- that without a doubt - this juice will make you feel good. 

It goes like this...


Juice 2-3 apples 
Juice 2-3 lemons, you can peel them, but I usually leave about 1/3 of the skin on
2 inch chunk of ginger
1 oz apple cider vinegar
Sprinkle of Cayenne on top 

If you'd like to add hot water you can do this to make a tea. Best to drink on an empty stomach, this juice is one of the best ways to start or end your day.

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