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I am constantly impressed by the women that I cross paths with in my community. It isn't something to take for granted, and I try to acknowledge it often.  It seems that almost weekly I find myself meeting or having a conversation with someone who is truly inspiring. 

Erin Falconer is one of those women. We'd crossed paths a bit in the past, but it wasn't until both becoming mothers that we made the connection (and getting loosened up by a few margaritas). Although she is super low key and funny in person, her resume reads otherwise...


Part of bringing together a collection of women in this space is for my own selfish desire to get a little peak behind the curtain. I meet and get to know so many moms who are actually much more awesome in person than their Instagram accounts would lead you to believe. Funny, open, honest, irreverent, and plenty real. 

The social media space is fraught with perfection. It takes nothing to cast yourself in good lighting and push the mess aside. The things that make us uniquely human are not all perfect, and they...

RESOLUTIONS // One day at a time.

With the spirit of resolutions in the air, it is easy to start the first week of a new year totally overwhelmed. Regular work and routine still on the plate, everything that your 'resolving' to do has to be done now, plus your probably experiencing the post holiday let down. 

There will be plenty said on the internet about all of the above, and it's great to start the year off motivated to make change. It's the perfect time to start fresh, and become the new you.

But we all know that resolutions are often inherently flawed.


BREAST CARE // Why self care is mandatory.

With October being breast cancer awareness month we thought it appropriate to mention the importance of administering the ultimate in self-care - self-breast exams. For most women under 40, this is key to early detection. 

I'm sure that most of us know someone who has been affected by cancer in some way. As women, the least we can do for ourselves is to become intimately familiar with our breast tissue, and do what we can to protect ourselves. In our opinion, this looks like education, using clean products, and allowing our breasts to spend time in freedom...

SELF CARE // Why Care?

Most certainly Instagram has opened the doors to a self care movement that goes above and beyond anything that has existed before.

"Self Care" seems to be synonymous with beautifully curated feeds, bubble baths, palo santo sticks, and ceramic mugs - #selfcare. It has become a parody of itself that seems to have nothing to do with self care, but more a bragging right or opportunity to share your nice life.

All of it, is most definitely a privilege, and definitely not the reality for many people in this country - much less other people in the world.

Who worries about...