THE ESSENTIALS // And how to use them together

Setting a foundation for a minimalist skincare routine to us means finding products that work. There is nothing more frustrating than spending money on creams and potions, all to discover that they aren't effective. If a product works, you don't need so many other options. 

Introducing The Essentials - what we believe are the skincare staples to help set a foundation for looking and feeling your best. 

Nucifera was founded out of our commitment to solve our own skincare issues -eczema, psoriasis, and overall highly sensitive dry skin that seemed to come out of nowhere. After having what I considered to be healthy skin most of my life, it was in my 20s that I started noticing that my skin became highly sensitive. I would have bright red splotches all over my body after getting out of the shower, flaky scalp, itchy spots, and bending or stretching made me feel like my skin was literally shedding. It was very stressful.

Many skin disruptions can start internally, and then be very difficult to treat externally. You may have heard it before, but that commitment to solving my own skin problems was how The Balm was created - and it set the standard for each new product to come. 

We believe that a nourished skin and body is where to start. If your skin isn't nourished, it will be more sensitive to all environmental factors - and will be less resilient, and susceptible to damage and flare-ups.

The Essentials provides a simple, foundational approach to skincare that feels good. We aren't suggesting that you never need to use a serum, retinol, or Vitamin C treatment if you want. What we are about is creating core products that work on their own in a multitude of ways - and together in harmony. 

Here is our step by step guide to using The Essentials: 


Deeply nourish and moisturize from head to toe with The Balm.

Our original product that consumers are typically the most familiar with - The Balm is a head to toe moisturizer, makeup remover, hair tamer, belly butter, and more. Nutrient dense butters and oils deeply nourish, moisturize and replenish while our signature scent grounds your senses and lifts your spirit The Balm is beneficial to most skin types, and may help reduce inflammation and skin sensitivities. 

Favorite Uses: Overnight moisturizing. Night Cream. Make Up Remover. Shave Cream. 


The newest addition to the Nucifera family, The Oil is a product that many of our consumers asked for - a silky smooth application that is lightweight and easy to use all the time. This thoughtfully selected blend of our favorite nutrient rich oils moisturizes, brightens, and conditions skin from head to toe. Our signature scent casts its own uniquely uplifting element and smells good enough to use as a pick me up.  

Favorite Uses: Daily morning self-massage. Leg illuminator. Face and beard oil. Layered with The Balm for extra moisture maintenance. 


Also a new addition to the Nucifera family of products - The Stick was something we knew we wanted to create for ease of use, portability, and the opportunity to formulate a product in zero waste packaging. Lightweight, and easy to use - I never leave home without it. 

The Stick is an on the go lip healer, dry spot soother, blemish eraser, bug bite reliever, tattoo conditioner, and more. Nutrient dense plant-based oils combined with healing candelilla wax nurture, soothe, renew and moisturize while our signature scent elevates your state of mind.

Favorite Uses: Lip Balm. Bug Bites. Anywhere that is extra dry and needs regular attention wherever you are - elbows, knees, or heals. 

We hope that you enjoy each on their own and together as well!

Please reach out and let us know what you think. 

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