MEN LOVE NUCIFERA // The feeling is mutual

Being a unisex brand has always been one of our intentions. Whenever we sit down to discuss potential new products this is always a consideration and we have walked away from doing products that don't deliver on it.

Lately, we've been receiving feedback from more and more men, and honestly, we're always a little surprised – but also delighted! Men have started to recognize the benefits in taking care of their skin and thankfully it's not just for aesthetic reasons. It's about proper health and hygiene.

Who doesn't like the feeling of healthy skin? When your skin feels healthy, you feel healthy.

All that said, we'd like to share some of the ways we've discovered men are using and loving Nucifera (in their words). And with warmer weather on the way, it's a great time for everyone to start getting more in touch with their skin.


 "An all over moisturizer that's great as an after surf skin saver."

 "My favorite shaving creme for my face, neck – and yes, body!"

 "We tried it as personal lubricant and wow!"

 (We didn't expect this last one but it’s true so please patch test first)!


 "Awesome for soothing razor burn after a tight shave."

 "My husband loves using it as a beard spritz. It's a great alternative to overpowering cologne."

 "My go to car freshener because who wants to hang out in a smelly car?"


"It's especially handy for outdoor activities like backpacking, camping and hiking."

"I use it to avoid dry, chapped, windblown skin by applying before surfing and paddle boarding."

"Rad for minor first aid like bug bites, scrapes, rashes, etc."


"Great for maintaining my hair and beard without making it feel overly oily".

"I use daily to keep up my tats – and I've got a lot of ink."

"Mutual massages!"

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