FEMME FRIDAY // Nitsa Citrine

To anyone in the Los Angeles wellness scene, Nitsa Citrine needs no introduction. An enigma of the coolest sort, Nitsa has literally evolved into the most beautiful artist and creative right in front of our eyes.

Creative director of Sun Potion, master tonic alchemist, photographer, and über creative - Nitsa makes art her life's work and it shines through everything she does. Her latest creative pursuit is the stunning art project and seriously inspiring IG feed @womenwithsuperpowers that she co-creates with artist Tasya Van Ree. The two of them together make up their share of the superpowers that exist amongst some of Los Angeles most talented artist, creatives, and wellness entrepreneurs. 

We humbly admit that Nitsa is absolutely girl crush worthy. Effortlessly beautiful and cool, she defines what inspires us at Nucifera. 

Follow her personal feed @nitsacitrine for your daily dose of inspiration. 

Thank you Nitsa for creating and living life so beautifully! 


Your 3 word Bio? 
Artist. Alchemist. Lover.

One thing the internet doesn't know about you?
(until now!) I talk to the worms in my worm box ...?!

The can't live without it daily ritual that keeps you inspired?

What is in your desert island cosmetic bag, and how do you use it?
Nucifera - love it as a moisturizer, highlighter and cleanser... also rosewater. all day everyday.

And since we are on an island... what's your favorite way to use coconut?
Simple: crack it open, drink the water, eat the meat

What impression do you want to leave?
Loving, kind and powerful

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