At the beginning of this year I had the pleasure of attending a founders conference for one of our lovely stockists. I didn't realize how affirming it would be to join such a large group of so many other beauty brand founders. It not only proved that the green beauty movement is here to stay, it also showed me that there are a lot of cool people in this business! 

As in any social setting you have the people you gravitate towards, and January was one of them. She was warm and funny - with the right amount of sarcasm to make me feel comfortable. We've since met for lunch, and I truly love her vibe. 

Since being introduced, I've been using January Labs along with my own products, and am in love. She delivers what you'd call performance products, and uses next level science in her formulations. For sure worth investing in. 

Thank you January! 

3 word bio.

Follow your gut.

What is your one physical characteristic that you’ve had to grow to love, but at times would have changed?

My height. I’m 6 feet tall and I used to be insecure about it and wished I didn’t tower over the boys in high school. Now I love it!

What would your husband, spouse, kids, or any roommates you’ve ever had say is your most annoying quality? (Even if you live alone you probably know the answer)
I wake up at 5AM naturally. I’m a major morning person. I’m also super punctual, in an annoying way!

A few unread emails or 1000’s?

A few unread. Unopened emails make me crazy.

Honestly, packrat or minimalist?

Definitely a minimalist. I get rid of everything!

What keeps you up at night? 

Nothing! I’m a world class sleeper.

How do you find balance?

I find that I prioritize what I care about most and that naturally helps me to create balance.

Working as an entrepreneur is hard, what is the hardest part about owning your own business?

Being disciplined to do things that are less exciting because I can procrastinate!

With 30 minutes of free time, what would you do?


If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I would like for our culture to be more accepting and nurturing of each other and our differences.

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