MAGNESIUM MIRACLE // Why you should care about this amazing mineral

Diet as a function of health has never been a bigger conversation. As we've moved further and further away from how nature intended us to eat, the discussion has gotten more complicated. Today you can find an argument that supports eating just about anything- low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, vegan, paleo, raw, ketogenitc, gluten free, lectin free- the list goes on. What all of these diets do have relatively in common is a focus on non processed foods. Ultimately- no matter what you eat, the support stands for eating a whole foods based diet. But is that good enough? 

Maybe not. 

Enter... the minerals. 

The one thing that most of our diets (no matter how good or bad they are!) are lacking, is minerals. Due to modern day toxic load, too much sterilization, poor diet,  stress... aka LIFE... We all tend to be mineral deficient - lacking especially in magnesium. 

Why might you care that you are low in magnesium ? Well, magnesium is the fourth most abundant minerals in our body,  and we don't make it on our own. We get it through diet, supplementation, and transdermal application (or ocean water!) It is highly essential to most of our bodily functions. Without magnesium we would not be able to produce energy, our muscles would be in a permanent state of contraction, cholesterol out of whack, we experience poor sleep quality, depression, low Vitamin D levels, skin issues, and the list goes on. Magnesium helps in the synthesis and function of just about every chemical reaction in our bodies. It is also the ultimate beauty mineral, helping us to look and feel our absolute best. 

In short, low magnesium may be responsible for many of the most common ailments. 

The most effective and safe way to take magnesium is through transdermal application. Through the skin. Magnesium bath soaks + magnesium oil on the skin before bed is the ultimate combo. Magnesium oral supplements are OK, but over time they may lead to digestive issues, and are recommended only to take when heavy doses are needed. 

So we  like to double down on the transdermal magnesium before bed. 

- Magnesium Salts . Not the same as epsom. You can get them at any health food store. They are typically a little more expensive, but a little goes a log way. 

- Magnesium Oil. We like to apply this right before we get into bed once you've bathed and moisturized. Apply after skin feels completely dry. Magnesium oil takes a little getting used to because it does sting and feel a little salty. This sensation goes away over time, and the deep sleep you get when using it is totally worth the first bits of discomfort. Best absorbed through the soles of the feet. 

 Summer is the perfect time to start a magnesium routine. We guarantee you will feel an almost immediate difference! 




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