MULTIPURPOSE // The new purpose

When we set out to launch Nucifera our purpose was to do things differently. We wanted to create products that were good in as many ways as possible.

Products made with ingredients that are good for you both inside and out.
Products that make your life easier by serving multiple purposes.
Products that can be used by all ages, genders, and skin types.
Products that are better for humans, animals and the planet.

So instead of creating a massive line of single-use products we set out to create one product that could do as much as possible. That is why our first product – The Balm – was inspired by the versatility of coconut oil.

To us versatility equals simplicity.

As time goes on, we've become more and more committed to this idea. We recognize that the value in simplicity stretches well beyond what we are using in our skincare routines. It extends into our life philosophy in many interesting ways. 

Today we are living in an unprecedented time of complication. 2020 has stretched this to a new limit, and for many of us our lives feel more complicated than ever – even if the pace is somewhat slower.

We believe that our personal power can be in making mindful choices that truly enhance our lives – like cutting back.

Living life more minimally or simply doesn't have to mean boring. It can mean making choices that truly serve your life in a multitude of ways.

Multipurpose is the new purpose. 

Even in wellness this idea that we need so much in order to truly BE WELL is pervasive and addictive. How many rituals does one need before simply getting out of bed?

Spending more time slowing down, more time unscheduled, more time off your phone – these are the true luxuries.

Consumerism should be treated with the same intentions. Is this something that I need? Is this something that I will use in a multitude of ways?

This can apply to virtually every aspect of your life - from clothing to household goods and everything in between. How many people have closets full of stuff they never use? Or pantry's packed with items that will never be eaten?

Overconsumption is a mess for our minds, bodies, and the planet.

We think that a more mindful approach to consumption would improve virtually all aspects of human health. 

Our desire is to create products that not only make your skin feel good, they also make YOU feel good. Products that you'll use, love, use up, and hopefully use again.  

We hope you feel inspired to take a more mindful approach to life and we hope you embrace multipurpose as your new purpose too.

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