At Nucifera, our desire is to be the best baby skin care products brand possible. For us, that starts with making products that are enjoyable and safe to use for the whole family. And since moms are usually the one’s applying the products - they should be especially enjoyable for her too!

We get a ton of questions about baby skin care from our community of mothers. Mom’s want to be informed and we couldn’t agree more! All that said, we’ve assembled some of our most commonly asked questions and answers below. We hope this helps with your research. If there’s something we don’t cover off on - please reach out!

Are your products safe to use on babies?

Baby safe products are near and dear to our hearts. We launched Nucifera when I was pregnant, and I used The Balm throughout my entire pregnancy. 

Whether you’re expecting or not, women specifically should be mindful not to use products on their bodies that they wouldn’t want to use during pregnancy or on a child. 

So many issues develop from the toxins we build up on our skin. They disrupt our hormones, endocrine system, and our bodies ability to connect with our natural cycle. We all need pregnancy skin care products that we can really trust and depend on. 

Anything I use I my skin I want to be as clean as possible - pregnant or not. 

Of course, babies are on the next level of sensitivities because baby skin is fresh and unharmed by the outside world. Being mindful of what we put on our children is so very important because it can contribute to their long-term health. Many people discover natural skincare because they are searching for the best baby skin care products. 

However you get there, clean and mild skincare is important for everyone. 

What are the best baby products for skin? 

When babies are first born I recommend not putting anything on them at all to let their skin develop naturally. If you do have issues like diaper rash or baby eczema, it is best to treat it with something very mild. Look for products that just contain simple plant oils and butters. Many main stream ‘baby oil’ brands contains refined mineral oils and fragrance. Neither or which you’d want to use on your child. Simply stated, safe baby skin products should contain simple and clean ingredients.

Our mainstay product The Balm is safe to use on most babies because the dilution of essential oils is very high and generally non irritating. Of course, we recommend testing on a small patch of skin first.

What are the best baby products for sensitive skin? 

All babies have relatively sensitive skin, or should be treated as though they do. Never use anything harsh or potentially irritating on your babies skin. They don’t need to be washed with soap and scrubbed down either. Gentle cleansing, and moisturizing is all that is generally needed. 

Some babies can have extremely sensitive skin. In this case I would recommend using something with as few ingredients as possible so that you can determine what might be the aggravating factors. Start with a simple moisturizer like coconut oil or mango butter to determine what will work for your child. The best all natural baby products that are safe for these sensitive skin types should be very clean and pure in their ingredients (with nothing refined).

What is the best baby products brand?

Unfortunately if you try to search this information a ton will pop up that is sponsored or paid for and isn’t necessarily true. That said, there are many great small batch brands creating great products that are excellent to use on babies. Determining what is safe for your baby should make you feel good, and is an opportunity to support brands that you trust. Ask around and do your research!

In our opinion, the best natural baby products are made from pure plant based ingredients. Even something as simple as olive oil can work wonders on your babies skin.

Also, many of the best organic baby skin care products will work great for people of all ages and skin types. The Balm would be our recommendation for the whole family (shameless plug)!

Should I buy gluten free products for my baby? 

This goes back to seeking clean ingredients to use on your babies skin. The way gluten often makes its way into skincare is through processed derivatives. Although ingredients like oats and wheat germ oil can be soothing for a babies skin, you would definitely want to make sure that it is made using the highest quality version of these ingredients. 

Highly processed gluten containing ingredients are not necessary though. I would suggest focusing on whole food ingredients instead of looking into gluten free lotion brands or something similar. The gluten free lotion list is long and won’t necessarily lead you to products that are clean enough to use on a baby. 

Do you have any “must know” baby skin care tips? 

My number one recommendation for the best organic baby products is minimal and high quality ingredients. A little goes a long way, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Your best solution might even be something as simple as the coconut oil or olive oil you find in your kitchen.

Is Nucifera The Balm good for babies? 

We get reviews all the time about how wonderful The Balm is to use on baby skin. 

As I mentioned, it does contain essential oils. But it is a mild, dermatologist tested concentration that is suitable for most any skin type. The rashes that babies experience are often fungal (specifically diaper rash) and the blend of essential oils can help to wipe out the irritation and eliminate the yeast and bacteria that caused the rash. 

The Mist is also great to use in the diaper area to reduce funk, irritation and inflammation.

Beauty Simply!

We wouldn't be anywhere without the amazing support and feedback we get from our community. Here’s a few words from one of our most recent fans. Thank you! We appreciate and love you all!

“I can’t say enough good things about this product. It’s become a mainstay in my beauty regime (which is pretty minimal: focusing on quality over quantity). At first I thought it was just coconut oil, but it’s not. It also has ingredients like avocado oil and mango butter. Super yummy. The last thing I’ll say about this product is that it HEALED my daughters diaper rash. Like in a day. She has never suffered from it since then. If I see any redness or irritation coming on, I bust out the Nuci.”

- Hayley C

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