We get a lot of questions from consumers looking for clean or green beauty products.

What are the best organic skin care brands? Or the best vegan skin care brands? Or both? What exactly should they be looking for?

As the number of green beauty brands grow and more dollars are spent on advertising, it becomes harder to navigate what is marketing and what isn’t. With a highly unregulated beauty industry, and more and more products entering the market, it’s important to see beyond brand promises, ingredient claims and a whole bunch of greenwashing.

Our biggest recommendation when it comes to shopping the organic skin care brands list is to know your labels. Take a closer look at the products you're currently using along with any new one’s you’re considering. If you can’t pronounce what’s in them, chances are it’s not something you want to put on your body. Plant based, vegan or organic skin care lines will most likely give you the best options.

Also consider usage. Your skin absorbs most of whatever you put on it so skin care can be like taking a prescription. Be more critical of the products you use more often or are exposed to for longer periods of time. Choosing ingredients that are organic, plant based or vegan and free of any kind of synthetics or animal cruelty is our preference.

Another place to check are best organic skin care products reviews. Many times you’ll find the reviewers have done a lot of the research for you. But just make sure they’re from a reliable source and it’s not a paid for advertisement or promotion.

Here are a few quick questions to get the research process going. The more informed we are the better purchases we make. And that will not only help us be healthier, but the entire industry as well.

Happy learning!

What makes the best organic skincare line?

In order for a product line to call themselves organic it must contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. For smaller brands this is where you will have to trust the integrity of the brand because becoming certified organic is costly and often not achievable for many young companies. Finding a brand that you resonate with is all about research, finding out where these companies source their ingredients, and how meticulous they are about the quality of products they make.

Also, the term ‘natural’ is not synonymous with organic so be mindful of that. All natural claims do not mean that a product is organic. As the industry grows, and customers become more educated, the quality, integrity and cost of all organic natural skin care products should improve. We’ve already seen a huge shift in the last 5 years, and we hope it continues. The more accessible it becomes, the better (and healthier) for everyone.

What are the best organic vegan skin care products?

The best organic vegan beauty products are those that are made using high quality plant based ingredients that are mostly organic and free of animal derived products. Just because a brand makes a vegan claim, doesn’t mean that the integrity of the formula is good. You want to make sure that you are seeking products that use mostly organic, minimally processed ingredients.

The term vegan also brings up the subject of animal testing…

Many brands no longer test on animals. If you are purchasing from a smaller independent vegan brand, the chances are higher it hasn’t been tested on animals. Larger global brands (that also sell in China for example) have to test on animals in order to be sold there. This means even though they might make vegan products, they are choosing to use animals for testing purposes. Is this still considered vegan? That’s up to you. For the most part, the US and EU are moving away from animal testing making it easier to find true vegan skincare.

What should I look for in organic vegan face products?

Your face tends to get more attention than most other areas of your body, so you want to pay special attention to what your putting on it. The best products for your face should not contain any harsh chemicals or drying agents. So many makeups, primers, and foundations contain ingredients that disrupt the balance of the natural bacteria and oils in your skin.

When it comes to your face, we like the approach of “the simpler, the better”. You can literally get the glow without having to do too much. Choosing a simple healthy diet and simple minimal ingredients in the skincare you use goes a long way. Also, washing your face with oil based cleansers allows your skin to shine as it’s meant to. Our product The Balm is great for this and we have a ton of feedback from our community supporting it. Makeups that are also based on oils, and butters are also good as they won’t dry your skin. The best vegan face products will contain high quality organic oils, butters and ingredients. Even if you have oily skin, this is the best way to regulate your own skins oil production.

What are the best organic baby care products?

Many people don’t know about simple, clean, organic baby skin products until they start searching for their newborns. There's nothing quite like the soft skin of a baby but irritations from diaper rash, cradle cap, or any other conditions can and will happen. And that’s not fun for anyone. Many babies are prone to skin irritation in their first months. Here's what you can do to help.

Look for items without parabens, phthalates, dyes and fragrances – all of which could cause skin reactions. Most of the top rated organic baby skin care products fall into the category of very simple and clean ingredients that are plant based or vegan and safe for sensitive skin.

Lastly, whether it’s a product or a single ingredient like organic coconut oil for body with the highest integrity, it’s always a good idea to patch test on a small area of skin first to make sure your little one isn’t allergic. A happy baby equals happy parents.

We hope this information has been helpful and educational in some way. Too often brands are in a rush to keep up with a growing market, so they cut corners. Being informed as consumers the best way to insure you’re getting the absolute best products for your health and well-being.

All Nucifera products are made with certified organic and wild-harvested plant-based oils, butters, essential oils and botanicals. We are a vegan, cruelty free brand and use no animal derived ingredients.

We wouldn't be anywhere without the amazing support and feedback we get from our organic and gluten free skin care community. Here’s a few words from one of our most recent fans. Thank you! We appreciate and love all of you!

“Love, love this product! It has a dreamy light scent and is a great moisturizer. It smooths on easily and I use it as a makeup base and general body lotion. It's light, natural and effective! I like to keep things simple and this product helps me start my day using this lightly scented balm to do multiple things and get on with the day.”

- Janet R

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