At Nucifera, our standard for making products that are vegan, multi-purpose and of the highest quality will always come first. As vegan beauty brands are becoming more popular and readily available - we appreciate that these same standards are becoming more important to more people.

Supporting vegan skincare products that are transparent about everything they do is one of the best ways to help guarantee the products you are buying and using are of higher standards and ethics. We’ve touched upon this in other posts, but did you know that any products being sold in China must be tested on animals? In our minds, this makes buying many popular brands a compromise as many countries across the globe are actively banning animal testing. That said, read your labels, do your research and choose wisely.

My journey began outside of the beauty cabinet, in the plant based food world. As someone who has always been conscious about mindful consumption, I’ve never been an advocate for products that contain animal derived ingredients or testing. I’ve always believed that plants give us everything we need to thrive. Utilizing the power of plants to help us be our best - both internally and externally - is my greatest source of inspiration. When I started suffering from extremely dry skin and scalp in my mid 20s, I set out to create the best vegan skincare products on the market.

When I began researching the market of existing vegan skin products, I found that so many were underdeveloped and lacked the appeal most conventional brands had. I also found that just because it was a vegan lotion brand, it didn’t mean it contained high quality ingredients. In fact, some only contained a few ingredients that had any benefits at all. And many diluted their formulas with water and fillers in order to make it feel like you were getting more. More of what exactly?

I tried as many vegan body products as I could get my hands on. Most of them simply didn’t feel great, smell great or work that well. Why hadn’t someone created a line of the best vegan anti aging skin care yet? Or at least even the best vegan moisturizer for sensitive skin?

I eventually found myself having to go back to conventional products that weren’t necessarily safe or healthy in order to get better results. Thankfully that didn’t last long.

I’ve always felt that any vegan skin care routine shouldn’t feel like a compromise. The plant based world is so richly diverse. Plants are unique in their ability to be adaptable for many different needs. Harnessing the power of plants to nourish our bodies and our health is truly one of the greatest gifts mother nature has given us.

I began experimenting with my own plant based recipes to figure out which ingredients were working for me and which ones weren’t. When I started working with coconut oil, I discovered that anything I made could be versatile in the same way that coconut oil is. And while I didn’t want to create something that was solely based on coconut oil, I did want it to have the same versatility and ease of use about it. Learn more about how you can use coconut oil for your body.

The entire beauty industry leans heavily on single-use products. Why couldn’t I find a product that could be used to moisturize face and body, be a makeup remover, shaving creme, and more – all at the same time?

Why is the best vegan moisturizer and the best vegan face moisturizer not the same product?

Why is the best vegan face lotion and the best vegan face cream marketed so differently?

Why isn’t the best vegan body lotion capable of doing more?

Why are the best vegan beauty products going down the same road so many conventional products have already been down?

Do vegan skin care companies feel like they need to mimic the current market in order to appeal to the broader consumer market?

It’s true that vegan cosmetic brands are for the most part still catching up with mass conventional brands in terms of accessibility and affordability.

But why aren’t they innovating more? Money? Mass appeal? Both? It’s certainly clear the industry is ready for a change.

This is where the consumer comes in. Many consumers don’t completely realize the power they hold. This is the time for all of us to recognize that what we purchase is a vote for what we believe in. Demand creates change.

Would you only purchase a vegan face scrub if it was the right price? Or do you want to support the brands that are making an effort to produce skin care products in a more conscientious manner?

If you consider the quality and the standards that go into many smaller independent plant based products, affordable vegan skincare is already here. And the more we support it, the better it will get.

At Nucifera, every product we make stands for everything we believe in. Multi-purpose, vegan and of the highest quality ingredients possible. All equally important to us.

We founded our company on the idea of doing more with less. Why not have only a few products that you know and love and that can be used in multiple ways? Our multi-purpose vegan skin care products can be used all over – which means less stuff, less waste, and less money down the drain.

We wouldn't be anywhere without the amazing support and feedback we get from our community. Here’s a few words from one of our most recent fans. Thank you! We appreciate and love you all!

“Nucifera’s The Balm is my absolute dream product. It smells delicious and moisturizes beautifully. I use it every single day on my body after the shower. I gift it to all of my girlfriends because they too need to know how great The Balm is - and they all fall in love. I also gift it to each of my friends at the start of their pregnancies because it is perfect for keeping the growing baby bump moist. I never travel without it - as I can wash my face and remove my makeup with it each night on the go. My skin is very sensitive and the balm is nice and gentle on my face.”

- Rachel F

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