BALANCE // Word for the weekend

In my never ending stream of podcasting this week, I heard something that stuck with me which is - 'balance is impossible'. I actually forget who said it, or I would quote. As someone who preaches balance and feels relatively 'balanced' most of the time, I was a little taken aback. Isn't balance worth striving for? 

And then I heard - "balance is only in each moment". Ok. That stuck. 

The truth is that nothing about anything that is happening for most of us is balanced. The landscape of virtually every industry has changed, we are constantly connected (for better or for worse). Even 'wellness' has turned into a more, more, more scenario. It seems that nothing is safe from overexposure or a sales pitch. No moment is sacred unless we choose it to be. Every opportunity worth living is an opportunity to want something. The list goes on, we all know it.

I'm not complaining. All of this connectivity is a blessing that allows information and eduction to travel faster, real life friends to be made, and communities to be formed. And it allows a small brand like myself to connect with customers in a way that would have never before been possible.  

So what about balance in each moment? Well, maybe that is what we need to hear. When your working, work. When your playing with your child, play with your child. When your relaxing, relax. When your reading, read.  This is of course much easier said than done, but it is solid message to check yourself, and ultimately try to stay focused on the task at hand. 

Each moment, is the only moment we have. There are no definitive moments - past or future - other than the now. 


Happy Weekending! 


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