OIL + WATER // How to moisturize properly

The lotion potion is really one of the greatest moisturizing myths.

We aren't anti-lotion per se, there are some great ones out there, but the majority of lotion is water. When you add water to a formula you also add the opportunity for bacterial growth, and the need to add preservatives and stabilizers. While there are natural ways to do this, ultimately these preservation techniques aren't adding anything that is beneficial for your skin. This is why we chose to create an oil-based formula that is crafted out of ingredients that are all individually amazing for your skin.

Often times we get asked how we are different from just coconut oil. Well, the answer is simple - we are not just coconut oil. Kokum butter, mango butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, borage and moringa oils are all whipped together to form the base of The Balm. Deeply hydrating, uniquely emollient, protective, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and all around awesome for your skin.

Water is in lotion because it does work (water equals moisture) but water is easy to add. The best way to activate The Balm, or any oil-based moisturizer for that matter, is to moisturize while still lightly damp (basically emulsify the oil on your skin with the water on your skin from a bath or shower). Many of us dry off all the way, or wait too long to add moisture so the oil sits on top of your skin and doesn't lock in like it could. 

So next time you take a bath or shower, pat dry, and moisturize fully with those delicious and nutritious oils.

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