BREAST MASSAGE // Breast cancer awareness

We would be remiss not to mention the theme of this month.

Breast Cancer Awareness.

Something that most women are aware of, but if we have the convenience of ignoring - we try to. The reality is that the statistics of breast cancer diagnosis are increasingly rising. With the probability of approximately one in eight women being diagnosed at some point in their lifetime, the statistics are staggering. Fortunately, the treatments have improved, and with earlier detection the survival rate is very good. 

But who is responsible for early detection? 

The last time I had a physical I was told that the recommended age for mammograms is now 50 - because "how many people do you know under 50 with breast cancer?" This is appalling. I'm not recommending you go out and get a mammogram if you are under 50, because I know that their are issues with the radiation. I'm truthfully still in the process of researching the options myself. What I do know, is that waiting until you're 50 to have a breast exam is too late, and once a year a gynecologist tapping around isn't enough. She/he can't know your breasts like you do. 

I believe that what you can start doing from the moment you have breasts is to give yourself a check. Some people say monthly, but I say - why not daily. Why would we not give ourselves a massage all over, as often as possible. In the shower, or applying your skincare products - a self check breast massage is easy to do. It is also the best defense at finding early irregularity. It's also good for your breasts! Especially if you are in a work environment where you need to wear a bra, or you wear tight fitting clothing - breast massage is a really important way to drain your lymphatic system, and to keep the blood flowing. 

I'm writing this from a personal perspective, with the passion in believing that we must take our health - and our daily physicals into our own hands. I'm not a doctor, or a breast cancer expert. I started Nucifera from the belief that both what we put on and in our bodies is vital to our health. It is. Unfortunately women have been truly undermined when it comes to what is good for them. The  problem is that the emphasis has been placed too greatly on what makes us look good, and too little on what makes us feel good. From bras to tampons, to chemical ridden cosmetics - the list goes on. What we do to make ourselves beautiful, most often is not good for our health. 

I believe that we take our power back when we choose to get to know ourselves (both physically and emotionally) and when we get to know what we are putting on and in our bodies. No one is going to be responsible unless we choose that for ourselves. 

A daily breast massage is a great way to do that, and... rumor has it that it can make your breasts look good as well! 


Take approximately one 1 tablespoon of The Oil or The Balm in your hand, and massage your breasts all over in a circular motion. Make sure that you include under arm, and armpit as well. 

Close your eyes, breathe, and relax.

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