FEMME FRIDAY // Ally Walsh

When I first found out that I was pregnant with a Virgo girl, my friend Lacy Philips of Free + Native enthusiastically reported that I was lucky because "All Virgo girls are beautiful, smart, and magnetic ... " or something along those lines, and then she added "like Ally Walsh". 

Definitive in all of the above, Ally has a warmth and kindness to her that makes you feel like you've known her for years. She is also naturally gorgeous - successful as both a model and an entrepreneur - and pretty much embodies all that could strike a little envy in the best of us. 

But what I like best about her is her coffee. She and her boyfriend Casey Wojtalewiczi launched their brand Canyon Coffee last year. Just when we thought the world didn't need another artisanal brew, they managed to craft a roast that is notably delicious and truly raises the bar. 

I have this theory that all earth signs love coffee, wine and ritual - and that they are able to embrace them with balance - myself included. Ally seems to get that, and understands that quality matters. 

We believe in the power of ritual as a means to connect. To connect to yourself, to your body, and to others. There isn't much that does it better than a delicious cup of coffee. 

If you haven't tried Canyon - it is an absolute must. 

Thank you Ally for bringing so much beauty and inspiration! 


Your 3 Word Bio.

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One thing the internet doesn't know about you?

I think its pretty special that I was born on my mom's 30th Birthday! 


The can't live without it daily ritual that keeps you inspired?  

Making my morning cup of coffee. It's a ritual that I love, especially if I’m away from home. It's one of my favorite things to come back to.

I start with boiling the water (brushing my teeth while it boils) then scooping the coffee into the grinder. While it grinds i set up the v60 pour over set that I like. Once the water is done, I pour the water over the coffee filter to get it hot. Then I add the coffee, and pour just enough water to wet the grounds and then stop to let it to bloom. I wait about 30 seconds, and then keep pouring till it's just enough water. 

I love enjoying it early in the morning.

What is in your desert island cosmetic bag, and how do you use it? 

Coconut oil! ( Nucifera ) for dry skin, as a lip balm, in my hair… and some rose water spray too. 

And since we are on an island... what's your favorite way to use coconut?

Drinking it ! Then eating the meat inside! 


What impression do you want to leave?  

I want the people in my life to know that I loved them. And maybe that I used my time doing things I love, while being kind and respectful. 

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