FEMME FRIDAY // Susanna McMillan

I met Susanna fairly recently at an event we were  attending at Parachute Home. We were both flying solo and ended up sitting next to one another over a complimentary manicure. As you do...

We started chatting and established that we are both from the south east, both moms (she times two), and both have an online retail business. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge and business savvy.

Susanna is the creator of the Native Wilds Nest® - which is a 100% USA made car seat cover, nursing scarf, and cart cover all in one. The concept is brilliantly simple, useful, and super chic! I absolutely love mine and only wish I'd had it earlier on. I find myself wearing it as a scarf for those just in case moments - when I don't even have to use it. 

I am super impressed by the youthful energy she brings to everything that she's doing. And because she is a little further along in her business than most of the women I've met -  I really value all the insight she brings to the table. 

I've been grateful for her recent support, and am inspired by the effort she puts into creating a community of entrepreneurial mothers who support one another. 

Thank you Susanna! 


Your 3 Word Bio:

Renegade, creative healer.

One thing the internet doesn't know about you?

I want to live in Costa Rica at some point. I feel most alive when I'm unplugged in the tiny, coastal town of Santa Teresa - surfing, exploring, riding dirt bikes through the jungle. There’s a vibrancy and connectedness to family there that encourages slow, present living. It’s really good for me because I’m always trying to balance my drive and desire to achieve everything at once.

The can't live without it daily ritual that keeps you inspired?

I’m really obsessed with taking epsom baths. It’s how I start and end my day. My 3 and 4 year old are full throttle energy from sunrise to sunset and it’s my way to escape for bit and center myself in warm, quiet stillness. I have this deep connection to water and it’s my way to decompress, connect, and detox both mentally and physically.

What is in your desert island cosmetic bag, and how do you use it?

Nucifera! I use it for my hair, skin, and nails. I'm constantly lathering it on myself and my kids, and have the containers strategically placed throughout my house! I also love True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil and Elta MD lightly tinted sunscreen.

And since we are on an island... what's your favorite way to use coconut?

Coconut meat all day long. I’ve been finding ways to add it into meals for the extra energy boost from the minerals and good fats.

What impression do you want to leave?

I want to leave a wake of freedom, empowerment, and fun wherever I go.

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