FEMME FRIDAY // Olesya Rulin

It was only recently that I met Olesya, although I had seen her many times around Venice in and out of similar spots. In no exaggeration, she is stunning. She has an infectious glow that is hard to miss. I'm sure I'm not the only person to ask myself - who is this girl? Perhaps I recognized her from some of her work as an actress, as she has been in a number of familiar roles, but more than that it was her energy and enthusiasm that took the spotlight. 

We were lucky enough to grab lunch together a few weeks ago - on International Women's Day nonetheless - and I could not have been more impressed. She has a keen sense and awareness of self, of womanhood, of the planet, of people. You have to look no further than her gorgeous blog - Girl Across the Boulevard, to get a glimpse into her beautiful and thoughtful take on life. She has a no bullshit attitude towards dating that I found particularly refreshing, and feel like every women should adopt. I'd be happy if my daughter does! 

Thank you Olesya for your infectious respect for self, and for all the beauty that you are creating in this world! Happy to have met you! 


Your 3 Word Bio:

Actor and lover

One thing the internet doesn't know about you?

I like writing children's books for fun.

The can't live without it daily ritual that keeps you inspired?

I write in my moleskin journal every day. It's something I've done since I was 12. It clears my mind and recenteres my thought process. Spring cleaning for my brain. I dump the words and the thoughts on paper and like magic it leaves space for creativity. and coffee.... does that count... coffee helps me get inspired.​

What is in your desert island cosmetic bag, and how do you use it?

Lots of Nucifera... obviously... no really in all seriousness I would have ​a jar in my bag. Coola sunscreen in Plumeria. A sharp pocket knife. RMS uncover up.Kjaer Weis lip gloss in tenderness. Tweezers to keep my brows pretty.

And since we are on an island... what's your favorite way to use coconut?

As a bra :) desert island and all.​

Top 3 Books everyone needs to read while they are there?

Women Who Run with Wolves

The War of Art

The Story of O​

(do I plug my own book of poems here ha ha ha Hounds of Love; shameless self promotion)

What impression do you want to leave?

On the world? I hope I can keep trying to live every day a little better. Be a little more human in my approach when it comes to other people, animals, and our planet. If I can do that then maybe I'll leave the impression that if you try a little every day then there's hope for peace and love in all of us.​



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