DETOX SEASON // Fall is for real food and skin food

In Ayurvedic tradition spring and fall are the two seasons for cleansing because the weather isn’t too extreme. The wisdom of Ayurveda is based on intuition and you don’t need to know much more than that.

For many of us the summer is a time of letting go of routine, and even if you are eating your fair share of fresh raw fruits and vegetables in the summer- you may have also had a few late nights and drank a few two many cocktails. All in perfect balance of course! October is a wonderful time of year to do a little reset. Post summer and pre holiday there is no better time.

Fortunately- fall cleansing means food. Fall is not the time to go on a juice fast or to eat all raw or do anything extreme. Instead, fall is the time to focus on eating warming and balancing foods that are easy to digest and assimilate the nutrients. This way of eating fortifies you for the upcoming winter months and gently removes any fire or toxic buildup from the heat of the summer months. Think of adding more healthy fats to your diet like coconut oil and ghee-  focus on warm organic vegetables dishes, soups, stews, and our favorite fall cleansing food kitchari.

All well and good for what goes in your body, but what goes on your body? This is the part of cleansing that usually gets left out.

Cleansing really means self care. It is time spent more actively focused on what goes in, on, and around your body. A time to rest and reset all the buttons.

So what does a healing and cleansing fall skincare routine look like?

It starts off by eliminating any product in your cabinet that contains ingredients you can’t read- that you know aren’t natural. This is the time to focus on simplifying your beauty routine by only including healing plant oils, and essential oils to purify and fortify your skin and body for the upcoming winter months.

When the seasons change, our skin is the first organ exposed to the new atmosphere and temperatures. When that fall nip hits the air many of us experience very cooling and drying effects. Skin irritation may arise in the form of dryness, rashes, and conditions like eczema or psoriasis may be exacerbated- and the most tempting thing to do is to reach for the bottle of lotion or cream that we think will help the most. The quick fix.

What your body is really telling you is that it is time to reset. Time to cleanse. Time to heal the skin + body with love and mindfulness.

3 simple steps for a clean routine:

1) Start your day by dry brushing to boost circulation, exfoliate, and renew the skin.  Dry brushing is a great way to detoxify and revitalize the skins outer layer. We love the Jute Dry Brush from Pursoma.

2) In the morning take a quick cool shower to energize.  In the evening take a warm bath to relax. Don’t wash your body with any soaps or drying products. Instead, trying cleansing with oils.

3) Start practicing self massage- or Abhyanga- this is the ritual of massaging your body thoroughly and mindfully to  moisturize, relax, remove tension, and toxic buildup. The Balm is perfect for this use.

Rest. Repeat. And be Restored!


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