THE NEW NUDE // Why we dig the #makeupfreemovement

Don’t we all envy the effortlessly chic vibe of the French women? Understated. Classic. Sexy. That seemingly impossible to achieve just rolled out of bed look? Yes, we do.

But it isn’t about the look. There is a deeper analogy here.

You will never feel beautiful, confident, and vibrant unless you are comfortable in your skin first- both literally and figuratively. Women have been preconditioned to believe that in order to be beautiful we need to cover up our face. Slather it with makeup and only then will you be ready to step out of the house.

What does this mentality tell us? That we need to hide our true selves? That we need to wear a mask? That we aren’t good enough as we are? We could dig really deep on the psychoanalysis here, but we won’t because we aren’t saying that a women should never wear makeup. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup on occasion… its fun!

But try wearing less of it.

Try reserving it for special occasions. Don’t make a habit of waking up and putting make up on. There is simply no need. 

The irony is- the more makeup you wear, and the more often you wear it, the less beautiful you will feel without it.

Here starts the problem.

The real issue is that wearing make up all the time does the exact opposite thing we intend for it to do. It does not make your skin look more beautiful.

Our top 10 reasons to wear makeup less:

- Clogs your pores.

- Causes breakouts.

- Increases pore size.

- Increases skin sensitivity and irritation.

- Can increase dark spots and discoloration.

- Can be chemical laden. (The EU banned over 1,000 chemicals that were used in cosmetics. The US banned only 9.)

- Often the more performance a product has, the more easily it is absorbed into your bloodstream.

- There are direct links to certain chemicals in cosmetics to cancer.

- Contains endocrine and hormonal disruptors.

- Is messy and mostly expensive.

If you want to dig deeper on the subject, sites like and are vital in educating yourself.

The most easy answer to all this would be to wear organic makeup, but we want to dig deeper and join the #nomakeupmovement to inspire women to wear less makeup and to feel beautiful and empowered without it.

Learn to love your skin with a clean and simple approach to skincare, and we promise you will actually look and feel more beautiful in return!

Join the #makeupfreemovment!

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