GIFT SMARTER // Read your labels

With the holidays here we’re all thinking about what to get and what to give.

Although there is plenty to be said about the negatives of consumerism, we’ll be the first to admit that gifting is fun and rewarding. Gifting is after all, one of the five love languages.

It isn’t just about stuff, or money, its about giving something (or receiving) that shows acknowledgement and insight into our likes and personalities. The psychological benefit of gifting is a real thing, and it is an important part of human interaction. Gifting can actually help define relationships and strengthen bonds. Gifts say “I get you”, “I was thinking about you”, and “I am grateful for you” - in a way that is hard to accomplish by any other means.

To avoid falling into the trap of wasteful consumerism, being mindful about what your giving is the most important part. Choose to give better. Select gifts that make a reflection on both you and the person you are giving the gift to.

So what does this mean?

For us, it means thinking about whats in the package- particularly in cosmetics.

Perfumes, colognes, makeup, and skincare products are some of the easiest and affordable luxuries that are also fun and useful gifts.

Unfortunately these tiny glossy packages wreak of chemicals and artificial ingredients, and are manufactured by large corporations that do not have your health and safety in mind. Think about giving a loved one a little lip gloss with a list of chemicals that is so long you can even read the type? It’s scary! The last thing you are trying to do is give a gift that is harmful.

Fortunately there are starting to be more amazing brands out there that are made responsibility and are good for anyone. All you have to do is a little research. Try seeking out brands with a face behind them, a clear understandable label and a vibe you can trust. 

We’re proud to be a part of a movement that embraces responsibly crafted skincare products. Products that are simply beautiful and authentic.

This holiday, make the effort to gift smarter.





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