A New Year! A New You!

We’ve all heard it, but we can’t be the only ones who find this idea to be somewhat stressful.

Yes, the new year is an exciting reason to set new goals. Yes, we are enlivened by the unknown offerings a new year brings. And yes, each year we want to be the better version of ourselves. But today, in a slight stupor from post holiday stimulation, the idea of doing an overhaul seems a bit overwhelming. 

The reality is that a new year is just a new day, and the best any of us can hope for is to take it one day at a time.

That’s why, this year, instead of revamping - we are digging deeper. To take what we’ve created, to stay focused, and dig in to the details. To go deeper in our relationships, deeper in our spiritual practice, deeper in our jobs and creative work, and deeper into our awareness and focus. 

It’s easy to start the new year and look in your inbox - or Instagram feed - and say THIS year “I WILL look like this” or “I WILL act more like this” or “I WILL have this” - but this habit can be a bit shortsighted and can cause us to overlook what we DO have and what we’ve already built. It’s a great way to lose focus on your picture. This doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy to seek inspiration from outside sources - inspiration is absolutely one of our favorite things - but it does mean that you need to stop comparing your life to others and focusing on what you don’t do or have. 

2017 is for honing your life. 

To be more mindful of each choice that you make. 

This is what it takes to build the life of your dreams. To make decisions that ultimately lead you in the right direction. Dreams aren’t manifested without doing the detail work.

Whatever your considering - diet, exercise, or any life improvement - simply start small.

If it's diet. Do ONE thing a day that’s healthier. That will turn into 2, than 3, than 4 and before you know it the whole picture will look much healthier. 

If it's movement. Make sure to move ONCE a day. This doesn’t have to be going to the gym or a 2 hour yoga class - this can simply be standing at your desk and doing 5 minutes of jumping jacks or bending over to touch our toes and stretch. 

If it's meditation. Make sure to take a moment (just a moment) out of each day to close your eyes and express gratitude. 

And if it's detoxing your makeup cabinet, and a complete overhaul is too expensive,  start by adding one thing or product and work on using it mindfully. 

We aren’t saying go big. By all means GO BIG! But don’t forget that the real work is in the details and every little choice you make is what builds the bigger picture. 

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