SOME LIKE IT COLD // Why cold showers are the best thing ever

There isn’t anyone out there who will tell you they don’t like a warm bath or shower. Getting clean and warm feels really amazing.

But taking really long hot showers aren’t necessarily all they are cracked up to be, especially if you aren’t using a proper shower filter. Hot water is very drying, can be harsh on your skin and can contribute to inflammatory skin issues. Hot showers are also relaxing (versus energizing or invigorating).

So what if we told you that waking up to a cold shower might be the new best way to start your day? Historically, people have been using cold water exposure as a form of therapy (hydrotherapy) for a long time - so try it cold!

Why? After the initial shock you will notice immediate benefits. First of all you will feel awake! Wide awake and ready to go. Any morning fog is instantly lifted.

Secondly, if you’re used to feeling kind of dry and itchy after a shower, or if your skin looks a little splotchy post shower  - especially in the winter - there will be no more of that.

And if those reasons don’t convince you, try these:

Cold showers tone your nervous system by reducing stress and anxiety. For those of us who ‘run hot’ a cold shower can help calm us down.

Cold improves lymphatic circulation. Think about all those deep breaths you naturally take to warm up. These breaths help move things around, and increases your blood flow.

Reduces inflammation - which is caused by excessive heat in the body. Cold water combats this and can help with external and internal inflammatory issues.

Science behind this one is not totally quantifiable, but at least in the beginning you can liken it to taking a long run or doing something physical that hurts in the beginning, but feels good afterwards.

Cold increases oxygen and blood flow.

Cold increases the metabolic rate.

A cold shower doesn’t have to be long. Even if you can’t stand the cold long enough to do your cleaning and shaving - you can still gain benefit by giving yourself even a 15 second cold flash before you get out.

Of course be reasonable, and don’t force yourself to stand for long periods of time in a cold shower if it isn’t something you are used to. We recommend starting with short intervals and increasing over time. Give it a try and you too may find it strangely addictive - we think it's the best thing ever!

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