THE RITUAL RECIPE // And the power that lies in it

People have asked me how I evolved from food to skincare. The question feels a little funny because it seems so obvious. I make things. Thats what I have always done. And my form of creation has always been in the kitchen.

My understanding of food naturally lead me to understanding how to make other things using natural materials. Having always been mindful of what I put in my body, being mindful of what I put on my body was really the next step.

There was a practicality to it all too. Why would I buy this or that when I can make it myself?

So I began experimenting… through trial and error... using my own skin. I was the only animal tested on. And that was how The Balm was born. It isn’t a formula created in a lab, or some white labeled concoction. It's a recipe.

My passion for food and skincare starts with the same intention. Using these tools to enhance my every day, by way of being mindful and adding pleasantries to my life.

This is the ritual - to take a moment and do something considerate for yourself using a product or eating a food that is nourishing your being.

You make a choice. A commitment to feel good. You empower yourself with the intention to be the best version of yourself. This in turn, plays a powerful role in the collective betterment of the planet.

Sound crazy? It is not.

Happy, healthy, mindful people make better choices and I hope that your discovery of The Balm serves to make each and every day more beautiful.



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