Most people have a story to tell about how marijuana fit into their younger years, and has either stayed in, or moved its way out. I have to say that I'm of the camp that has truthfully had very little experience with the plant, except one recreational time that scared me for good. 

But, as we all know - things have dramatically shifted in the cannabis industry over the last few years, and the benefits that the plant may bring to the table have started to be revealed. Much more than just getting high, CBD products offer a way to tune into our bodies and ourselves in a very unique way. Perhaps, the ultimate form of self care. 

I was immediately attracted to the story of Jewel Zimmer, founder of Juna. She was an admitted skeptic with a background in food and wine who preferred fine dining sophistication over getting high. Her vibe I could relate to. After meeting with her and hearing her story, I was immediately convinced that her products are some of the best on the market, and worth giving a try.

Over a month in, and we're feeling pretty good over here. I'm excited for you to read her interview. 

Thank you Jewel! 

3 word bio. 

Sensitive sensory grateful 

What would your husband, spouse, kids, or any roommates you’ve ever had say is your most annoying quality?  

I’m super sensitive to smell.

I'm really fascinated about your approach to the cannabis industry, and love that you come from a culinary background. Tell us more about your transition from food and wine, to #cannabiswithtaste and founding Juna? 

I was a fine dining pastry chef and then had a chocolate company called Cocoa Absolute. We were adding cacoa extract - all of the naturally occurring polyphenol antioxidants found in the cacao bean back into single origin chocolate. Arguably the first chocolate company (2009) to blur the boundaries between food, beauty, wellness and experience and sell chocolate as a functional food. My transition into cannabis was a natural continuation of already working with the botanical actives from the cacao bean. Although it did take me a few years of being approached to work with the cannabis plant before I realized how natural of a continuation and the symmetry between the two were.

What is the hardest thing about your job? 

Cannabis in California’s legal market is an emerging industry. New regulations, new players and new consumers. It’s a lot to keep on top of. Especially when it comes to the very strict regulations.

Why were you skeptical of cannabis at first, and what changed your mind? 

I was very skeptical. A few years ago when I was first approached to work with the plant it was too fringe, medical and subculture for me. It was actually me that finally honored the opportunity to learn more about the plant and once I learned about its complexity and sophistication there was no going back, I was in love with its potential.

There is so much hype around CBD specifically. Can you give us the short answer on what we should be looking for?  

Quality! Research brands. Look for information on their sourcing, quality, and founders backgrounds. Support a company you believe has values aligned with your own. Ask for Test results to make sure that you are getting the mg of CBD they claim to be giving and that they are not filled with pesticides and chemicals. At Juna we have a zero tolerance for any pesticides and chemicals. I like to use full spectrum CBD vs isolate. I’m a huge believer that the whole plant works more efficiently and effectively in the body than just CBD on its own. 

How do you use your products? And how would you recommend someone start using them? 

A wellness dose every morning 5-10mg to start the day.  I like to take this in my coffee as it mediates the jitters from caffeine. In a smoothie or under the tongue are also great options. I’m playing around with a double dose 10-20mg an hour or so before bed as well to help promote a better sleep. And if you have a headache, inflammation or are just feeling extra reactive - drop a 10mg dose stat to relive some tension.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy CBD is in a mocktail at the end of the day.

With 30 minutes of free time, what would you do? 

Get boba with my girls.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

That we could all slow down. The pace of our world is out of control.

A few unread emails or 1000’s?

Omg - I cant even. Too much information coming so quickly ALL. THE. TIME.

Honestly, packrat or minimalist? 

Minimalist all the way

What keeps you up at night?

Life. All the things work and other but luckily I have a little cannabis and the sleep without that anxiety. The trick for me is to take a little before bed, before I get to the point that “life” is keeping me up!

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