THE MIST // And how to use it

If misting yourself liberally in these hot summer months doesn't sound good to you, we might have a hard time explaining ourselves, but to make the effort - we'd like to give our top favorite ways to use The Mist, and share a bit about the ingredients. 

The Mist is our second product. An all in one formula that can be used from head to toe for literally - the whole family - including your pets! It is a base blend of aloe vera, rose water, witch hazel and colloidal silver with essential oils of lavender, peppermint, grapefruit, carrot seed, patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense and palo santo.

The scent is grounding, uplifting and calming all in one spritz. It isn't overpowering, perfume-like, or heady in any way. Aloe and rose water provide a cooling, hydrating, and moisturizing effect - while witch hazel gently cleanses and tones. The added bonus of colloidal silver works to naturally preserve the blend, and acts as a mild antimicrobial and cleanser. 

We use it everywhere, all day! 

Here are our favorite ways to use it - 

GET THE GLOW - Mist on face and body to moisturize, refresh, and soften skin. 

TONE - Use to replace toner when cleansing face. 

TREAT RAZOR BURN - Use as an after shave on any shaven areas to soothe and prevent skin irritation. 

DEODORIZE - Lightly spray under arms to use as a natural deodorant. 

AFTERSUN CARE - Spray on sun drenched skin to lightly moisturize and soothe inflammation. 

HAIR - Refresh hair between washes. 

HAND SANITIZER - Spray on hand to lightly cleanse and sanitize. 

BEDDING - Mist on pillows and bedding to refresh and cleanse. 

YOGA MAT / GYM BAG - Naturally refresh and sanitize anything that gets a little sweaty or funky. 

ROOM SPRAY - Clean and refresh the atmosphere around you. 

KIDS - Use in the diaper bin, on hands, face and body. 

PETS - Spray around bedding and little box to reduce germs and funk. 

As always. The Mist is intended for external use. Patch test first. Discontinue if irritation occurs.  

And Enjoy!