MELTING // Sometimes we're a little soft

Ice cream melts, chocolate melts, coconut oil melts - all the sweet things in life seem to melt, but when it comes to natural skincare people seem to get confused.

Shipping a product that melts in the summer is no fun for anyone so we will explain. 

The Balm is a base blend of kokum butter, mango butter, coconut oil, and the liquid oils of avocado, borage and moringa. This whipped concoction makes for our truly special texture and skin nourishing benefits. In order to get this texture we melt everything down and gently emulsify it at low temperatures. It then sets at room temp.

The overall formula has a melting point of approximately 110 degrees and appropriately melts to the touch. 

Unfortunately sitting on your doorstep in the hot sun can get much hotter than that (depending on where you live). And so... we might melt! The solution is very simple. Refrigerate and it will set right back up. You may then store at room temp. Short lengths of heat like this won't harm anything. Just don't leave an open jar boiling in the sun all day. 

Why don't some other products melt? 

If you purchase primarily green beauty, your oil based balms will most likely melt. If you are using other products that contain petroleum, arachidyl propionate, and modified waxes that are highly processed and unnatural they will have a much higher melting point.

If we increased our melting point by added more kokum butter or mango butter (our two most solid ingredients) then the Balm wouldn't melt on your skin in the same way. It would also be quite hard - even at room temperature.

We've done a lot of experimenting to figure out what we think is truly the perfect texture. We're just a little softer in the summer. But aren't we all? 

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