SELF CARE // Why care?

Most certainly Instagram has opened the doors to a self care movement that goes above and beyond anything that has existed before.

"Self Care" seems to be synonymous with beautifully curated feeds, bubble baths, palo santo sticks, and ceramic mugs - #selfcare. It has become a parody of itself that seems to have nothing to do with self care, but more a bragging right or opportunity to share your nice life.

All of it, is most definitely a privilege, and definitely not the reality for many people in this country - much less other people in the world.

Who worries about dry brushing, lemon water or yoga when they are trying to feed their family?

Before we sound like we are getting preachy, here are our thoughts on the silver lining of it all.

We hope the awakening that happens when someone begins to take better care of themselves is also an opening of the eyes to the world around them.

Becoming a more mindful participant in your own life - hopefully - evolves into being more mindful about the world around you.

The foods we eat, the products we use, and the way we interact with our own physical bodies can open up channels of awareness. To care more. To be more considerate. To be more aware, and to be more empathetic.

More love for ourselves yields more love for others. 

Perhaps this point of view is a bit idealistic, but we hope not. If you are reading this blog, the chances of you having some privilege are high.

We hope that seeking better for yourself leads to wanting better for others.

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