HEAT WAVE // What if The Balm melts?

Summer is absolutely our favorite time of year. Everything feels a little brighter and more upbeat. The days are longer and more leisurely, and we love the sun. Especially slathered in The Balm.

So whats not to love? Sometimes... the heat! 

Hot, sweaty, sticky and a little uncomfortable the heat can bring out the unrest in the best of us. It can also cause things to melt - like, The Balm. 

The Balm is based on a delicious blend of plant oils and butters. The base ingredients that give it many of its healing and hydrating properties and stability are kokum butter, mango butter, and coconut oil. While these ingredients are firm at room temperature, they will melt when things get hot in shipping or sitting on your front doorstep, and they won't set back up at room temperature. 

What do you do if The Balm arrives melted? 

Refrigerate! If you refrigerate it for a few hours or overnight everything will be fine and will be stable again at room temp.

What if The Balm is a little melted at room temperature? 

If you feel that the Balm is getting soft. Store it in the fridge. If you like it soft, then enjoy it that way! It melts when it hits your body anyways. 

Does heat damage The Balm? 

Extremely high temperature (close to boiling!) will harm the Balm. We also don't recommend storing it (or any of your products) in direct sunlight. A little sunlight won't hurt, but extended exposure will damage the beautiful oils. Keep all of your skincare products away from direct sun and heat. 

All being said, we always recommend keeping The Balm in a cool environment.

And if you're planning on spending extra time in the sun we recommend refrigerating it. There's nothing like a cooling after sun application of The Balm to soothe sun drenched skin!



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