STAY HOME // A letter from us at home

We are all experiencing unprecedented times.

For those of us who have homes and families to share this experience with, there should be an overwhelming sense of gratitude. We know that not everyone has this option. And while we are all allowed our own emotional discomfort, it is important to check in with yourself.

It is all of our duty to play it safe and to stay home - not only to protect ourselves but to protect those around us who are less fortunate. And let's not forget how we need to protect the community of doctors and nurses who are working so hard to mitigate the impact of this virus.

We are doing our best to honor this moment and at the same time help make our extended time at home more manageable and enjoyable. Here are some of our very simple daily rituals that help us to just that:

1 - Shower or Bath

Maybe a duh, but also essential. Spending all day inside with nowhere to go can easily allow you to fall into complete slob mode. While a little slobbing is OK - it definitely doesn't help our vibe. Taking a shower first thing in the morning, or a bath in the evening is essential to feeling refreshed. We've also been adding a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil into the mix to help boost the mood. 

2 - Get Dressed

Think of getting dressed as shedding the old, and sliding into the new. While this may seem obvious to some, we know there are plenty of you spending all day in your PJs - and this just doesn't help much. I'm currently experiencing this first hand.

3 - Dry brushing

Get that lymph draining and exfoliate your skin. This is a similar idea to all of the above, but if you've never dry brushed now is a good time to start. Before getting into bath or shower, circulate the dry brush from head to toes - always toward the heart.  Most of us are being a lot more stagnant than usual and dry brushing is a good way to boost circulation - and it rejuvenates the nervous system. Essential and by the way, we love the dry brush by our friends at Pursoma. 

4 - Spring Clean

No pressure, and we've seen a lot of memes circulating about taking it easy - and that's great - but making your space feel good is only going to make you feel better. Feeling better is immune boosting. Do a little organizing. It's good for your soul. 

5 - Mist Everything

Fill a spray bottle with water and a few drops of your favorite essential oils and get to work. Mist your bedding, clothes, pet beds, kids rooms, bed head, stale air - the list goes on. Shameless plug - our Mist is a blend of colloidal silver, witch hazel, aloe and rose water. It contains 7 essential oils that go from cleansing, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, to grounding and spirit up lifting. It is as good for cleansing the stagnant air in your home, as it is for uplifting your spirit. Spray it all over! 

6 - Clean with Essential Oils

For the best at home all purpose cleaner, fill a spray bottle with half white vinegar, half water, and several generous drops of your favorite essential oils. Cleaning this way is the best. Not only does it actually clean, it makes your home feel like a zen palace. 

7 - Burn Incense

We rotate between Sage - which removes bacteria from the air and is extremely cleansing. Palo Santo - which is cleansing, purifying, helps boost creativity, and relieves anxiety. And burning our favorite smokeless incense from our friends at Bodha - which we can burn all day long and is elevating in every way. 

8 - Find Community

We're not talking about reading the news. And while of course you should do this in doses, there are a lot of positive things happening online that are interesting and creative and can help get you inspired.

9 - Get to Cooking

Ordering delivery every night will not only wreck your wallet - it won't make you feel great either. Now is the time to get on the healthier eating protocol you've been waiting for. We've been taking our culinary background to Instagram to help everyone get inspired by posting recipes daily via Quarantine Kitchen. Connect with us @me_baird.

10 - Netflix and Chill

Yes - we said this. While all of the above is great, it is absolutely ok to be exhausted and want to escape. Watch that series you've been waiting for the time to see. Make it a fun date night with your partner. Or do family movie night. We think screen time is very much ok so long are you're doing it mindfully and enjoying it. 

This list is really just the beginning but these are a few things that have been helping keep us grounded. And if you have kids you can still do most of them - although keeping them busy is an entirely different list!

Stay safe, stay home, and seek joy! 


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