TIME // The ultimate luxury

Summer 2020 is a new adventure for all of us. Plans have changed, planes are empty, and most commitments are up in the air. That being said, most people I've talked to seem to be finding a relative peace in the unknown. Grateful for the time to slow down, and at the same time recognizing the time to find that gratitude is a luxury in itself. 

When we launched Nucifera we set out to make a products that are not only good for multiple things – we wanted to make products that are good for anywhere. The intention was not to create something that felt like it needed to live exclusively on a bathroom shelf.

Go camping, spend the day at the beach, bike, hike,  travel – get out and live your life – please don't spend it primping in a bathroom. 

This summer, that spirit of adventure might feel a little out of reach, but we propose that it could be the opposite. Time is the most elusive thing for all of us, and if you find yourself having it – what greater adventure is there then enjoying it.

"There’s only one thing in life, and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration.” – Diana Vreeland 

Read something, learn something new, educate yourself, and spend the time invigorating your sense of purpose. Seek the continual renewal of inspiration – living bigger and better than you have before.

Finding that sense of gratitude for the small things, and letting the excess fall away.

The Balm, The Mist (and very soon) The Stick are designed to offer feel good functionality. To be effective, and at the same time not require too much effort or thinking. 

Beauty Simply. 

And there is so much simple beauty in the world. Find it, and take it with you wherever you go.

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