TOUCH YOUR TOES // Movement is medicine

Movement is medicine.

It doesn't take much knowledge to know that movement is one of the number one things that we can do for our health. All beauty routines aside there is nothing that will make you glow, improve skin tone and texture, and cleanse your pores like a good sweat. We are huge fans of hot yoga balanced out with tons of lemon water, trace minerals, and good old vitamin C. That being said, taking a 90-minute hot yoga class or going to infrared sauna isn't always on the agenda. That time factor gets in the way sometimes. 

So what do you do if you want to bring life to your face, reduce stress, increase oxygen flow to your joints, prevent stiffness, and stretch your lower back after all that sitting?

Touch your toes! 

It's amazing that more people don't recommend this. If you go to any chiropractic clinic it's the first thing they will make you do to assess the situation, and yet on a daily basis it's something we completely forget about doing. We don't really consider it having much value - but it is literally AT OUR FINGERTIPS. 

Touching your toes is so powerful. Most of us sit far too long on a daily basis. (Even if we exercise). We go from sitting to sleeping, to maybe exercising, and then more sitting. All of the sitting deactivates your glutes, which can then cause back issues, poor posture and decreased flexibility. Thus creating a ripple effect and may cause anything from lowered metabolism, to obesity, to higher cholesterol levels. 

If you've ever been to a yoga class you know that inversions are a big deal. Touching your toes is the simple, at home or office way to do this, and it literally takes less than a minute. 

Join us! 


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