DIY SCRUBS // Our single serving recipe

2020 is most definitely off to a start. I think it is safe to say that there is a lot of anxiety in the air for everyone. All of the things happening that are out of our control have a ripple effect on our psyche. Even the toughest of nails would have a hard time ignoring what is going on around them - nor should they. We believe that a mindful approach to worldly awareness is super important. Educating yourself, without tormenting yourself. 

While the term 'self-care' is totally overused, we still like to acknowledge its value. So many of us are running around living a completely external existence, barely acknowledging whats going on in our interior worlds. Stress, trauma, fear, all of it accumulates. 

Just like dead skin accumulates on our physical bodies. So does the information overload we receive on a daily basis. 

Enter the nightly scrub. The scrub of the physical body as well as the mental. 

Sure, the mental scrub can be meditation, breath work, a bath, or any number of holistic things, but we honestly also find some good scrubbing value in reading a book,  watching a movie, or having an occasional glass of wine. This is the truth.  

And for that physical scrub? 

Hands down one of our favorite ways to treat ourselves and our skin is indulging in a delicious body scrub. There are some great ones on the market, but it is actually really easy to make your own 'single serving' scrubs at home! 

The Balm is great for many things.  We hope that you've used it to shave your legs, wash your face, remove eye makeup, give yourself a massage, give your spouse a massage, treat your babies diaper rash and... ?

What else can The Balm do that you might not think it can do? Be used as a base ingredient for a scrub of course! 


1-2 Tbsp Nucifera Balm -  Coconut oil, or any other oil you have on hand.

(If you are using The Balm, please be mindful not to contaminate the jar with sugar.)

1 Tbsp Coconut Sugar - Coconut sugar makes the best scrub, it is gentle doesn't scratch or irritate skin like salt can, and it literally melts into your skin making it extra soft and hydrating. 

Mix these two ingredients together in a little bowl, and use all over body, face, arms, legs etc. Can be used in bath or shower. It smells and feels divine! 





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