All Natural? Organic? Vegan? Cruelty Free? What's the deal?

When we first started Nucifera there were a lot less all natural skin care brands on the market, but that is changing by the day. As public awareness and interest continues to grow - we’ve started to see so many more natural skin care lines and vegan body care brands appear. The industry is booming, and it is becoming harder to navigate what distinguishes one brand from the other.

With demand for greener products comes the opportunity for many brands to make claims for whatever best suits their marketing needs. Is it mostly greenwashing? Or do brands really stand behind what they are selling? In an industry that is barely regulated, it’s really up to the consumers to keep up.

This is where reading labels, understanding ingredients, and doing as much research as possible to confirm what’s in the products you buy is so important. All products are not created equal. There are just as many great ones out there as questionable ones. What we encourage our customers to do - and what we do ourselves - is research, ask questions, and engage with who you are buying from. As consumers you should demand transparency because a brand that calls themselves the best all natural skin care line may be far from it.

Here’s an example of what we mean…

All natural vegan skin care and all natural organic skin care are two very different things. Anyone can call themselves all natural, but the term does not mean they’re also vegan or organic or cruelty free.

Vegan only means doesn’t contain ingredients derived from animal products.

Organic only means doesn’t contain ingredients that have been produced using pesticides, synthetics, gmo’s or radiation. There is also a big difference between being organic and certified organic. A product that isn’t certified organic can actually use the word organic but not contain a single organic ingredient.

Cruelty free only means hasn’t been tested on animals.

So, if you were to do a quick keyword search for something like top vegan beauty products or natural cruelty free skincare you might not be getting what you think you’re getting.

Ideally you want products that have it all - but for anyone new to the green beauty market it can be super confusing.

Why does all this even matter?

You’ve probably already heard it before, but our skin is our largest organ, and what we put on it plays a big role in our overall health and well-being. It’s important to seek out products that are clean and healthy for your body.

At Nucifera, our products are made with certified organic and wild-harvested plant-based oils, butters, essential oils and botanicals. We are a vegan, cruelty free brand and use no animal derived ingredients.

It’s also super important to seek out products that are clean and healthy for the planet.

Too often brands are in a rush to keep up with the market, so they cut corners - but being short-sighted about things such as ingredient sourcing and packaging design are some of the biggest contributors to climate change.

Here's another example...

Why not make the best skin care products for the whole family instead of creating one specific product for every family member?

Take baby products for instance. There really isn't a need for products to be sold and marketed exclusively as the best natural baby skin care products when many of those all natural baby care products are also great for people of all ages.

When companies make the decision to put more stuff into a world that is already oversaturated, they should also make the decision to be responsible about it.

So, all that said, what goes into making the best all natural skin care products?

We believe that the best natural skin care products are those created by the brands who stand behind everything they do. Brands that are meticulous about all that goes into their products - from the product ideation, to the sourcing of ingredients, to the consideration of the packaging. It all matters.

‘Beauty Simply’ is our ethos at Nucifera.

For us this means products that are not only mindful but responsible. Products made with ingredients that are good for us and good for the planet.

In other words, less single-use products, less hard-to-pronounce ingredients, less waste and less money down the drain.

As more and more natural vegan skin care products enter the market and the natural skin care brands listcontinues to grow – we hope skincare brands prioritize quality, transparency and responsibility over keeping up with trends and chasing easy money.

If you have a green ethos – stay true to it – because ultimately consumers who want the best natural vegan beauty products will purchase and them from the companies and founders they can trust and believe in.

We wouldn't be anywhere without the amazing support and feedback we get from our community. Here’s a few words from one of our most recent fans who tried one of our vegan skincare products. Thank you! We appreciate and love you all!

“If you are looking for a one stop does it all, leaves you glowing, and actually heals your skin from the inside out, this is your one-stop shop. I use it on my body from head to toe, and even as a pomade for perfect beachy wave hair. Works even better than neosporin and eucerin without all the harmful chemicals. This is always a go-to. Family run, and ethical biz also!”

- Lauren P


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