I didn’t set out to create a skin care company. Nucifera was developed out of the necessity for a product that I wanted, and needed for myself. I believed in the power of nature and pure skin care products that weren’t full of parabens, phthalates, and other synthetic ingredients. I saw what the plant world could do for our bodies through my lens as a plant based chef, and knew that the same could apply to skincare. 

When I started experiencing eczema in my mid 20’s - I  saw a gap in the market for safe skin care products that worked for a variety of skin types. I wanted to create products that felt nice and smelled nice and worked without any of the harsh ingredients used in conventional products. Like in the plant based food world - it was a matter of elevating things to show people how beautiful plant based ingredients can be - and that the healthiest skin care products could also be the most surprising and enjoyable to use. 

I formulated The Balm with my passion for plants, a lot of experimenting and discovering what worked best for me. What I found was that developing skin care products that work out of purely plant based ingredients wasn’t that difficult. As with food, quality of ingredients sets the stage for an abundance of natural healing powers, resulting in truly life changing results. 

At Nucifera, we are passionate about what we do. We receive questions all the time about our line and our brand. We love to answer all of the questions our community asks. An empowered consumer makes empowered purchases!

How do you make skin products without parabens? 

Developing a balm-like formulation without parabens is actually pretty straight forward because all the base ingredients are oil based so there is no water involved. The need for parabens (or other preservatives) comes into play mostly with mixed matters like oil + water - which is what you’ll find in most lotions and creams. 

Our goal was to create a formula that’s 100% full of nutrient dense ingredients without diluting with water. Finding base ingredients that are paraben free is generally not an issue - paraben free cocoa butter or coconut oil, or kokum butter, etc is not hard to source. The bigger issue with base ingredients to watch out for is if they have been overly refined and are not super pure. 

There are many great ways to naturally preserve products, and as paraben free cosmetic lines become higher in demand there will only be more. The important thing is to ask questions and read labels. The most common types of parabens found are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isopropylparaben and isobutylparaben - all of which are relatively easy to identify on labels. Always read your labels, it is your key to information! 

Why do you make gluten free body care products? 

We believe that gluten can be a trigger for many people when it comes to their skin issues (it was with mine), so creating a line that was 100% gluten free was always a main goal. My personal skin journey was much improved by removing gluten from my diet and using gluten free skin products. 

Although there is no firm evidence that gluten in skincare is bad for people - even with celiac disease - it just simply isn’t necessary. The range of gluten free skin care product lines is huge. There are many gluten free lotions and cosmetics on the market today - and most are well labeled. The best gluten free skin care products are made with high quality plant based ingredients in their purest form. Simply searching for a product that is gluten free isn’t enough in determining quality. Like many gluten free foods - there are plenty of gluten free skincare products that lack healthy ingredients. 

Are your products ever used by estheticians? 

Absolutely! We have many estheticians who use and love our products. Practitioners use our products for facial cleansing, waxing, massage, micro current treatments, as well as general moisturizing procedures. 

Professional skin care products for estheticians are very often a major culprit on the “dirty list”. Some people believe that in order for a product to be effective it needs to be chemical based. This simply isn’t true. Fortunately many estheticians are seeking out greener beauty products and trying to use formulas that are both clean and effective.

If your esthetician is open to discovering and trying new products, bring The Balm in with you and have them work it into your treatment. We think you both will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Why are all of your products multi-purpose? 

We believe in making only necessary skin care products. So many women (and men) find their beauty cabinets full of single-use products that make outrageous claims and rarely live up to the hype. The truth is that we don’t need nearly as much as we are marketed to believe we need. We like the idea of having only a few products in your cabinet that you know and love and that can be used in a variety of ways versus more stuff, more waste, and more money down the drain.

All Nucifera products are made with certified organic and wild-harvested plant-based oils, butters, essential oils and botanicals making them also safe baby skin care products. We are a vegan, cruelty free brand and use no animal derived ingredients.

We wouldn't be anywhere without the amazing support and feedback we get from our community. Here’s a few words from one of our most recent fans. Thank you! We appreciate and love you all!

“If you are looking for a one stop does it all, leaves you glowing, and actually heals your skin from the inside out, this is your one-stop shop. I use it on my body from head to toe, and even as a pomade for perfect beachy wave hair. Works even better than neosporin and eucerin without all the harmful chemicals. This is always a go-to. Family run, and ethical biz also!”

- Lauren P

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